Having much deeper emotion than appears upon the

Having much deeper emotion than appears upon the

Having a strong heart like Elinor and a latent sense similar to Marianne, JaneAusten displayed her characteristics through her characters. Elinor and Mariannewere two main characters that Jane Austen used to display her true character.Elinor is very devoted to her family and tries to do everything she can tosupport them.

Every now and then, when the family is in need of advice, theywould all look to Elinor. Marianne was the younger daughter in the family ofthree sisters and she is always caught up in romantic poetry. At one time in thenovel, Marianne went through a catastrophe because the love of her life had lefther.

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Marianne tries to hide her fear to avoid all her distress. (Austen 288)Both of the characters lifestyle reflected that of Jane Austens. In thewriting of the novel Sense and Sensibility, Austen wrote the novel according toher own passionate feelings. People began to notice her writings towards the endof her life.

Jane Austens lifestyle and characteristics were revealed throughher characters Marianne and Elinor in her novel Sense and Sensibility. JaneAusten began writing novels when she was in her early twenties, she was a veryintellectual women. She enjoyed reading many books in her life that gave her anadvantage in writing great novels.

When Austen wrote the novel Sense andSensibility, much of her characteristics were seen through the novel. JaneAusten is thus a mistress of much deeper emotion than appears upon the surface.She stimulates us to supply what is not there. (Woolf 19) After Willoubyssudden break up with Marianne, many deep vivid emotions are shown to the reader.

Austen lived in a society where women mostly worked on farms. Agriculture wasthe largest employment for women. (Weldon 36) While other women were out workingon the fields, Austen would be at home diligently thinking about more ideas forher novels.

Later as the years passed, Jane Austen became an author for writingnovels. From then on, her occupation was to be a magnificent writer. She wrotemany books that dealt with her very own lifestyles and emotions.

It was notuntil her death when she began to notice her success in writing novels. Oneimportant thing that she could put before her writing was her family. Austen,the seventh of eight children and was ardent towards her family. Her familyneeded all the help they could receive because her father had passed away.

Inthe beginning of the novel Sense and Sensibility, Mr. Dashwood died and had nochoice but to give his will to his first son and nothing to the rest of thefamily. Although Jane Austen was not married, she had great romantic feelingsand ideas. Austen used Marianne as a character in her novel Sense andSensibility, to present her feelings of romanticism. Through out the novel,Marianne usually spoke of Shakespeares poetry.

Marianne is a lady who is veryimaginary and superficial about her dreams. She is all caught up on the romanticpart of life. (Austen 311) Always being caught up in poetry or another romanticthought, Marianne rarely becomes inconsiderate about what is happening aroundher.

Marianne cares about her family a lot and does not become selfish whenthere is a problem. The resemblance of Austen and Marianne was that the two ofthem had romantic feelings and dreams. They also lived their lives as beingpoor. Both Austen and Marianne are very dedicated to their family. Happinesswill come to the ones who wait patiently for their dreams or goals. Mariannefell deeply in love with a man named John Willoughby.

She looked at John like hewas the guy of her dreams because he shared the same interest as she did. Duringthe time the two were together, everything was very merry. But as soon asJohns family discovered he was going out with a woman who was without adowry, they threaten to take his wealth away if he sees her again. After thisoccurred, Marianne began to go in the state of depression. Being broken heartedfor the rest of her life, she thought, it was not soon until she realizes whomshe should have been dating in the first place. She started a new relationshipwith an old close friend, Colonel Brandon.

Marianne lived a happy life afterall, as she met the man she could learn to love and Austen discovered her joy inher writing. (Austen 305) Jane Austen was devoted to her family all the time andso was Elinor to hers. Elinor was the oldest sister of three daughters from theDashwood family, and was the most reliable one of all.

Whenever there was adilemma, she would be the responsible daughter and handle the problem. Elinor isa strong women, she was accountable for her duties. (Litz 78) Austen portraysher characteristics with Elinors by the way they both act when there was acrisis. Every woman has their own responsibilities that they must take care of.

Austens tasks were to be obedient to her family and at the same time to be awriter. One similarity that Austen and Elinor had was, the two of them had agreat difficulty with men. Austen was never married and wrote romantic novels.She created the character Elinor to display the side of her that fear formen. Where there were parties held, Austen would be fond of dancing but nevercould really speak to a man because she was too shy.

(Austen 308) Even thoughAusten was very smart, she never really got the chance to speak to guys becauseof her family ties, but using Elinor in her novel to display her feelings towardmen, she could achieve her dreams through her writings. (Wilson 39) The lifstyleof Jane Austen was incorporated into her writings so she may express herfeelings without saying them out loud. Austens lifestyle was no differentfrom anyone elses life in the early 1800s. The only thing that was differentabout Austen was that she became a popular author. People in her society werevery strict and were lawful.

This was a big influence for Jane Austen becauseshe was able to see what was going on in her society. (Harding 48) She did notlive on the easy streets of life; she lived her life like a slave. Women werenot paid much working on farms because of the fact that they were females.Growing up in a harsh society was during the early 1800s, when there were noroads and people got hung for stealing. (Weldon 36) Austen grew up knowing whatwas right from wrong.

Being poor as she was, in her novel Sense and Sensibilityshe related her life in the shoes of the Dashwoods family. At the same timewhen her father died, she used this idea in her novel to show how theDashwoods became poor like she was. (Mercer 309) In writing a novel, JaneAusten used many imaginative thoughts and profound feelings of her own todescribe her personality. Austen described what ever she was writing about witha lot of meaning and sense.

Jane Austen does not expound feelings; sheconrveys it. With her artists instinct, she knows that exposition by thewriter destroys conviction in the reader. (Farrer 39) If she had a characterin a field of plain grass, she would detail her scenery with many objects andwrite about her character with romantic ironic information.

Jane Austen thoroughdescribes her characters so the reader would not forget them. (Mercer 307) Shewould try to expand the readers mind with many details so the reader does notforget what is happening in the novel. Jane Austen has a certain style ofwriting that she kept to, dealt in pictures of domestic life in countryvillages. (Watt 42) She even had a certain way of writing that differedfrom other authors.

This is why she is such a great creative writer. She knowswhat she is going to write about from the beginning. Austen illustrated herfeelings through her characters in her novel Sense and Sensibility. In thebeginning of Austens career, she was said to be a good writer, but she knewthat she could do better. Writing more and more novels, Austen went through amaturing stage in writing the novel Sense and Sensibility.

She has gone throughtwo different types of stages of writing and has been successful for writing theways she does. Of all great writers Jane Austen is the most evocative, doingin half a dozen words (applied in exactly the proper measures, in exactly theproper place) what the sedulous subtleties of Henry James are unable to conveyso clearly in as many fine-spun pages. And among the secrets of Jane austensinexhaustible charm is that her work, especially in her second period, is sopackd with such minute and far-reaching felicities that the thousandth readingof Emma or Persuasion will be certain to reveal to you a handful ofsuch brilliant jewels unnoticed before (Farrer 39) Growing up in a societywith morals, Jane Austen did not write novels with sex scenes in them. She wrotea lot of her novels base on romanticism. Her writings of romanticism were centeron how she felt.

In reality her love life was not there because of family ties,but in her novel, she could go on with her hearts desires. Jane Austen has nopassion, preaches on gospel, grinds no axe; standing aloof from the world, shesees it, on the whole, as silly. (Farrer 39) Many of her writings are allfrom her imaginations that she constructed with her past experiences. All herdreams came alive in the novels that she has written, but in reality she wasstill a single women. Jane Austen lived her life as a great successful writer.Before she could celebrate her glory, she passed away.

The most perfectartist among women, the writer whose books are immortal, died just as she wasbeginning to feel confidence in her own success. (Woolf 24) Revealing hercharacter traits through the characters in her novel, she was able to share withthe readers her dreams and her desires of her heart. Austen is a romantic typeof women, but she does not present herself like that. By using the character ofMarianne, she is able to fulfill that spot of character trait of herself inwhich she is not able to show off in reality. Also by displaying her strong willand responsible quality, she chooses a character such as Elinor to show thisfeature of her. Jane Austens imagination is unbelievable, because of the wayshe describes her characters and the sceneries in her novel.

Extremely precise,the readers have no questions to ask what the scenery is like. She lets thereader imagine just as if they were in the story and show how beautiful thescenes are. (Watt 42) Furthermore, Austens uses her own writing techniques toachieve her goals to let her readers dream about her novels.

Exactly how thismiracle is achieved is, of course, Miss Austens secret. It is a secret oflanguage and of artistry, which can be profitably explored by the reader, and ofa particular kind imagination. Readers wonder how Austen gets her thoughts,and the answer is, she used her past and present experiences. Moreover, Austenportrayed her traits into her characters to show her inner feelings of how shetruly is in her heart.English Essays

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