At the same time

At the same time

At the same time, the current green building technologies are more expensive approximately more than 30% in costs compared to conventional buildings. So, it makes all involved parties; particularly developers to think carefully before implementing it (Jami’ah, 2010). As a result, the residential market has been slow to see any supply from house developers and as well as demand from house buyers. Timothy Bartlett (in Price-Robinson, 2007) of Austin, Texas, has observed a city called Green Building Program, where the normal house buyer does not expect a higher value on energy-efficiency. They preferred a place with overall premium infrastructures (and facilities) on location, building areas, decorating trends rather than energy-savings (Price-Robinson, 1999). In this study, we will explore the level of awareness and acceptance factors that prevent potential house buyers from purchasing residential green buildings in Malaysia.(Elias, Bakar, ; Bahaudin, 2013).


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