As people will understand bright site of the app building platform

As people will understand bright site of the app building platform

As people will understand bright site of the app building platform, the number of users for both app users and Foleo phones will create an upwards trend since they will prefer to benefit from the service for free instead using another phone provider and having the need to pay for each app that they want to create. Therefore this app will allow Foleo to increase its market share and survive the new competitors: android and apple. We forecast to increase the customer by at least 12% during the 5 years by close monitoring of the app service and reduce customer complaints by ensuring that the app service is well updated and with no bugs by constantly conducting client satisfaction survey.

On the insight of the internal business perspective, we will increase hours of training by 5% per year to keep our staffs updated with new technology. Improving the quality of training courses, our staffs output will ameliorate, reducing errors and overtime hours since they will be more productive and produce quality work in less time.
On the last stage, innovation and learning perspective level, we targeted to increase number of improvements by 15 % and also increase budget for improvement by 5%. This budget will create a team-based incentive as employees will know that they are being integrated in the team and appropriate training is being given to improve their skills. Moreover we will undergo a quarterly employee satisfaction survey to ensure that our employees are happy with the current system and will be given the opportunity to come with ideas for improvements.
The app building platform introduction will eventually bring a positive impact to Foleo Scapps as we will rebuild team based culture of Foleo and enhance the creativity of staffs which will increase employee satisfaction

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