Ariana Grande is a sitcom-star-turned-pop music sensation

Ariana Grande is a sitcom-star-turned-pop music sensation

Ariana Grande is a sitcom-star-turned-pop music sensation. Ariana was born on June 26, 1993, in Boca Raton, Florida, United States. She’s half Italian and half American. Ariana’s parents move to Florida from New York when her mother Joan was just pregnant with her. Her mother, Joan Grande was a CEO of Horse-McCann Communications and her father, Edward Butera owned a graphic design firm. She has an older brother, Frankie Grande, who is 11 years older than her. She’s best friends with her Victorious co-star Elizabeth Gillies. They’ve known each other since they starred in Musical’ 13 on Broadway back in 2008.
Ariana attended Pine Crest School North and Broward Preparatory School. She travelled to Los Angeles when she was 13 years old to pursue her dreams of being a singer. But the manager of the record labels didn’t take her too seriously and thought that she was too young. So She landed on a support role on Musical ’13, which is located at the famous broadway theatre. When she joined Musical, she left Broward Preparatory school. But she still continued to be enrolled, so the school sent materials to her so she could study with a tutor.
Ariana Grande’s big break on singing was in 2009, when she was chosen to play the role of Cat Valentine in the sitcom “Victorious”, which was state by “Nickelodeon.” Ariana only became famous when she was casted as Cat Valentine in the Tv show “Victorious.” In 2010, Ariana decided to take a break from her acting assignments and focused on polishing her singing skills. Her voice got the attention of Monte Lipman, a top executive of the label ‘Republic Records,’ who was moved by her singing skills. Soon in 2011, her very first soloist song, “Put Your hearts Up” was released on Valentine’s Day. In 2013-14, she was chosen to play Cat Valentine in a popular sitcom, ‘Sam and Cat.’ ‘Sam and Cat’ ended after one season because of regardless of popularity. Ariana soon came back to her musical career.

Ariana Grande has won 65 awards out of over 137 nominations. Ariana was exceptionally good at singing. She have over 40 songs that was released. ‘Yours Truly’ is undoubtedly one of the best works of Ariana Grande and brought her a lot of fame. More than 500,000 copies of this album were sold worldwide. The album also helped her earn the reputation of being the 15th female artiste of all time to rule the music charts with her debut album. One of the things that made Ariana grande excellent is that she went to being a Nickelodeon television series where she wasn’t even the lead of the show to being a famous successful soloist singer.

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Ariana likes dogs. She have five dogs; Toulouse, Ophelia, Coco, Cinnamon, and Sirius. Her favorite subject in school was Science. Ariana enjoys watching the hit Gossip Girls. Her favorite One Direction song is One Thing. Ariana Grande said that she grew up mainly listening to urban pop and 90s music. Ariana has 56 million followers on twitter as of April 2018. After watching Blackfish, she urged fans to stop supporting SeaWorld and has become vegan. Ariana Grande is a sitcom-star-turned-pop-music-sensation and she’s the best.


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