The City of Angles. Tucked away in

The City of Angles. Tucked away in

The most unique, magnificent, and extraordinary city that I would love to visit is the City of Angles. Tucked away in the midst of our atmosphere, lies the beauty of having everlasting life, and dreams that come true. Baby- blue skies, and cotton candy clouds fills this entire city.

I have often wondered what this city, with its impressive name, could offer me. To get to this wonderful place, I must close my eyes, and shun my mind of reality.The charm of this spectacular city is what it really has to offer. It is a place where I can go and feel as comfortable as I can. There are angels watching over me at all times, so there is no need to feel afraid. I do not have to worry about sleeping, eating, or exercising.

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Angel City is somewhere that allows me to go and be free and safe.One of the citys greatest features is its clouds. Every cloud is different in someway. Cloud nine is where I can be extremely happy. It is located at the highest point in the city. Here I can see the true beauty of myself, and be grateful for what I have, what I have achieved in life.

Each cloud comes with its own angel. Depending on what cloud and what angel I might find, determines my ability to see beyond. One cloud may offer me the chance to visit with my grandparents, while another one may take me back in time. There is no future cloud because that would enable me to learn and to experience the real meanings of life. The city of Angles is a place where I know I will visit many times in the future.


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