Great White Americans1990s -Bill ClintonoDemocratoScandaloLess aggressive than Bush about Foreign PolicyoIraq first stepo”You are with me or not with me”oCut money supplies for terrorism-BushoRepublicanoNo social programsoOversea social programsoBased on his father911-Police RescuersoHand by hand, helped a lot.oAmerica united they standoMajority of white peopleo356 died white-Bill gatesoBorn seattleoHarvardDropped outoFirst commercially successful PCoMicrosoftoOne of the richest example-Steve JobsoApplesoPixar-John ElwayoFootball player-McGwrieoBaseballo60 HomerunsTerrorism-Background infooIslam and Radical IslamIslamic ValuesFamily, Faith, Hard work, and improvement of self and societyPurityOnly one godMisconceptionsTreatment of womenTreatment of minoritiesRadical Islam groupsTalibanKharijitesoBeliefLost of true pathNon-believers are sinnerViolence can be justifiedoKey BelieversNone that is famousWahhabi IslamoBeliefsNewer editions of the Quran is falseViolence can be justifiedoKey BelieversOsama Bin LadenMuslim BrotherhoodoBeliefsComplete Islamic societyNo nation stateNo DemocracyoKey BelieversDr.

Ayman al-ZawahiriSayyid QutbHassan al-TurabiCommon pointsoIslam has changedoGod is supreme, obey god onlyoThe west is a place of sinsoHates IsraeloMajor Terrorist FigureOsama Bin LadenLeader of Al QaedaRaised in a wealthy familyLearned Radicalism during University yearsThe invasion of Soviet Union shaped his ideologyWhy he hates AmericaAmerica’s support for Israel and its position on the Arab – Israeli conflictU.S. military attacks and sanctions agains some Arab countries and its military bases in the Arab world.U.

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S. Support for some authoritarian Arab regimes, and its hostile policies toward Islam, and its own citizens of Arab and Muslim origin.U.S. hypocritical behavior regarding democracy and human rights in the Arab world.

oAl QaedaFounded in 1988 by Bin Laden2830 membersPurposeTo overthrow Muslim governmentsRadicalizationDestroy the U.S.TacticsUse of terrorismHigh technical sophisticationoTerrorist AttacksOctover 8, 2002 attack on US military personnelSept 11, World trade centerOct 12, USS coreoWhy hate AmericaAmerica’s policiesAmerica’s support for Israel Different valuesoAftermath: Treatments of MuslimsGovernment: “We should not hold one who is a Muslim responsible for an act of terror. We will hold those who are responsible for the terrorist acts accountable and those who harbor them.”ProfilingStrict Airport checks and entrance policiesSocietySuspicionsStereotypes-Current issues-Present situation

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