I The court that you will go

I The court that you will go

I like America because there is opportunity here.

I also like America becauseof our government that is a democratic government. In other coun tries, theirgovernment’s are monarchies, or a dictatorship, or even authoritarian. Somecountries are even capitalistic. Here we have the freedom to sell buy or tradeanything that we want.

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Another reason that I like are country is that it is fullof states. Many of the other counties don’t have states. The privileges are vastbecause that we do. Some privileges are: you don’t always have to stay whereyou are you have the freedom to move.

Now some states have different laws butall are good here. Everyone in America has the right to Life, Liberty and thePursuit of happiness. If any of these rights are taken away then you have theright to go to court. There are many different types of courts.

there is aDistrict court, a Circuit court, (the only one with a jury) , a Special Appealscourt, and an Appeals court. The court that you will go to depends on yoursituation. Our government is made up of three different branches. They are theExecutive branch, Legislative branch and the Judicial branch. All of thesebranches check one another so that there is no foul ups.

The reason for thethree branches is to split up the power and work. This is done so that no onebranch has more power that the other. I think that others should move to Americabecause of the opportunity the U. S.

has to offer. The U.S. has many jobs andschools.

The schools in the U.S. are great they teach you all that you wouldpossibly want to know.

I know that in some countries the men can only labor andthe women get treated badly. Here there is no worry for we have a good securitysystem. Also many kids in other countries do without education and that I thinkis important in today’s life. Also many go without food and clothing.

In Americawe try to help anyone that we can. Our technology in the U.S.

is also veryadvanced. The workmanship that you will find here is quality work. I would liketo conclude my essay with saying that America is a land of opportunity. ThankYou.

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