“All minority group citizens, but only the

“All minority group citizens, but only the

“All Hail to the NAACP”All hail to the to the NAACP- making sure equality is enforced, and social injustice does not prevail. “Founded in 1909 in New York, by a group of black and white citizens in order to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of minority group citizens of the United States and eliminate racial prejudice. The NAACP seeks to remove all barriers of racial discrimination through democratic process.” (www.

NAACP.org)This may be true; however, I seem, too often, to see another side of this organization. In recent months and years, their agendas have been advanced only through the media and political outcries, not through the democratic process as they have stated. Maybe they employ the lesser known, but effective, democrat process.

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The social equality of minorities was to be an important goal during the foundation of the NAACP, but I have never seen this organization stand up for other minorities such as Hispanics or Native Americans. It seems only to be a racially biased group of individuals simply concerned with the advancement of the African American. Equality was the original goal, but superiority seems to be the desired result in recent years. It appears the NAACP does things only so they are not forgotten. Just a few months ago, they were at the heart of the war on the confederate battle flag over the statehouse in South Carolina. I am unable to see how this matter is one of social inequality.

Instead of using the “democratic process” they simply resorted to the media to accomplish their agendas, as well as urging all African Americans (not minorities) to avoid the state. In return, many innocent businesses (some of which were themselves African-American) were harmed as a result of their actions. Eventually, the flag was taken down, and placed on the front lawn of the capital. Even this would not suffice. At this moment, action is being taken in order to have it removed. In “retaliation,” an African-American monument was built; however this monument, which was totally dedicated to one race posed no problem…I wonder why.

Before the NAACP continues to chastise other groups for double standards and inconsistency, maybe they should reevaluate themselves. Graceful charters, and lovely mottos can be written, but they must be followed. This racist organization is not concerned with the equality of minority group citizens, but only the superiority of the African American population.

Bibliographywww.naacp.orgPolitical Issues

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