It is gone! What are we going to

It is gone! What are we going to

It was 9:00 on a dark and dreary night in October when Mindy and Mandy crept slowly up the stairs to check on their little brother Max. Mandy was very upset over the fact of having to check on her little brother when she wanted to sleep. However, Mindy wanted to make sure he was asleep, and she dragged Mandy along for company.

“He’s supposed to be asleep! And he should be asleep by now! Why bother?!” Mandy complained as she dragged her black purse up the stairs. Mindy tried to ignore Mandy as she wondered about Max. He was probably fine, but her parents were very specific when they told her to keep an eye on Max.Max had red hair with freckles spotted across his small face with a little voice that spoke softly. It was strange to think that someone like Max would make friends with Joe.

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Joe was silly and he was eight years old, four years older than Max. Joe had come over that night and had been acting silly. He was very upset when he had to go home.”Look, it can’t hurt to check. Besides, what if he’s missing?” Mindy asked.

Mindy and Mandy argued all the way up the long and rickety staircase expecting Max to be silently sleeping in his snug small room. They finally reached the top of the staircase where Max’s room was quietly waiting for them. When they entered, the room seemed very quiet and strangely musty. It seemed like as if no one had been there for years. Abandoned.

Mindy quickly realized that Max was gone.”Oh no!” Mindy stumbled, “Max is gone! What are we going to do?”. Mandy just shrugged. They both started to search the small bedroom. Mandy lazily yawned as Mindy looked for young Max.

The stiff cold dust made Mindy sneeze. ACHOO!Mindy stepped down the stairs . She walked with care and she tried to be gentle as the stairs squeaked. Mindy was slowly starting to get nervous. She knew that these stairs weren’t safe, and that they would fall apart at any time.

Suddenly, some of the weak stairs crumbled underneath Mindy’s feet. Mindy ran up the stairs as fast as she could and back into Max’s room where Mandy was still searching. Mindy’s heart was beating at the speed of a mouse. Mindy was so busy calming down that she didn’t notice Mandy heading down the stairs.

Soon, Mandy came running up the stairs, her purse flinging behind her, as she ran into Max’s room.”Why are we missing stairs?” asked Mandy looking suspicious. Mindy explained what had happened when she tried to go down the stairs. As usual, Mandy was complaining again, upset that she couldn’t go downstairs to her room. Mindy sighed, and went to the washroom to brush her teeth. The room smelled terrible, and without looking, Mindy flushed the toilet hoping the bad smell would go away. She got out a twenty dollar bill from her torn pocket to store away in a safe place.

Poor Mindy carelessly dropped the bill into the toilet while it was still flushing and soon the bill quickly disappeared. Mindy felt like she was going to tear her hair out as she kicked the wall with fury. Suddenly, part of it opened to reveal a secret passage.

Without another thought, Mindy called Mandy who had been trying to go to sleep.”Mandy, Mandy, come here!” called Mindy. Mandy appeared, groaning with anger. Her dark brown hair was a total mess and a pair of fiery, irritated hazel eyes stared into Mindy’s gentle blue eyes. Mindy could feel her short black hair stand up on end. Mandy was really mad. GRRRR!”So, what’s the fuss now?” growled Mandy.

Mindy showed her the dusty old secret passage, trying to be as tough as Mandy. Mindy sneezed because she was allergic all of the dusty cobwebs. “So that’s where all of the spiders have been hiding,” Mandy sneered, “should we check it out?””It may lead to downst..””We’re defiantly checking it out!” Mandy said cutting Mindy off. They walked down the dark and dreary passage that was scattered with orange candy wrappers and a milk trail further down the path. Mandy froze.

“I thought I heard something,” Mandy whispered. It sounded like an old, untuned piano playing something in the background. Giggles came from further down the hall.

Mindy and Mandy ran towards the sound wondering what was going on. They soon reached an old set of stairs. Mandy did a happy dance hoping that she could find a door to the downstairs bedroom. Ancient dusty abstract paintings hung on the wall. The milk trail suddenly disappeared. The hall became cold and the once cool damp air became dry. Mindy’s frozen skin turned snow white and her chapped lips turned a slate blue.

“Mindy, are you okay?” asked Mandy. Mindy didn’t reply because she was too busy shivering from the misty cold. Mindy could feel the coldness pass through her, as if something inhuman was there. A creature. A Monster.

Maybe something worse. Mindy’s movement slowly decreased until she quickly dropped to her numb knees. She was now to cold to even let out a slight shiver. Mandy felt very cold too, but she couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t as cold as Mindy. “Mindy?” Mandy asked, wondering if she would get up.

Mindy looked like Mortishia from the Adams Family, except she had blue lips instead of red. Mindy didn’t even look alive anymore, she looked like she was from the graveyard. Just when Mindy looked like she’d freeze to death, the temperature increased. Mindy slowly got to her feet. Now Mandy had figured it out, Mindy’s hair had been wet.

“Someone’s playing with the heater,” Mindy said, her body shaking – trying to adapt to the new warm temperature, “I wonder what’s going on?”. An eerie silence filled the room as if the room itself were screaming. The silence was soon broken though, from the sound of Mandy checking through her purse and her fancy shoes making a clicking sound on the stone floor.

Suddenly, they heard an “ooo” come from the wall. Mandy jumped. Mindy smirked. “those ghost sounds familiar,” she grinned. Laughing echoed from behind the walls. Mindy rested her hand on the wall.

She could feel very little vibrations through the stone, but they were still there.”Hey, those look like cracks. Do you think it’s another door?” asked Mandy as she shook with fear. Mindy smirked. She knew what was going on. She kicked the wall which opened into a small passage where two giggling children were hiding.

Max and Joe. They immediately stopped. Mindy hopped around with a sore toe. Joe was supposed to be at home.”Oh you boys are in for it now!” yelled Mandy, “make me stay up this late! First the stairs, then the sounds, then the heater, and now look! The floor is starting to flood!”.

Max started crying, but Joe looked confused.”We did find this passage and make weird noises, but we didn’t do anything to the stairs or change the temperature or make the floor flood!” Joe complained. Mindy sighed with disregard. She knew Joe was lying. Mindy and Mandy put Max to bed just before they sent Joe home. Mindy told Joe’s parents what had happened that night. Joe’s parents were not pleased with this, or of the fact that he was two hours late.

Joe gave them an angry look and stuck out his tongue at them. Mindy and Mandy snickered.”But I didn’t do anything to make a flood or change the.

…””We know, we know,” Mindy and Mandy said sarcastically as they cut Joe off. Joe glared at them, and his parents took him inside and grounded him for two weeks.*****An hour later, Mindy and Mandy went back down the secret passage to try and get back to their room. The floor was flooding with more water.

“Where’s this water coming from?” asked Mandy. When they got to the bottom of the stairs the water was at their ankles.”Where’s the passages?” asked Mindy as they tried to open the passage where Max and Joe had been. It wouldn’t budge. They ran up the stairs and tried the bathroom passage. It didn’t move.

They tried the other walls to see if they would open, but nothing moved. The two girls started to panic and Mandy clutched her purse in her fist, but soon, they grew tired so they sat at the top of the stairs. The water had gone up seven stairs. Mandy decided to go and find a way to block up the source. Mindy didn’t want to go, but she didn’t want to die either, so she put down her purse and jumped into the water. “Come on! Let’s find it!” Mandy encouraged Mindy.

Mindy jumped in. Soon, they were swimming around, checking the walls for holes or cracks. It seemed as though the water had just magically appeared, because they couldn’t find a crack anywhere, but finally, they came to a huge crack in the weakened wall where the water had poured in.”There’s nothing we can do to stop it!” called Mandy, “let’s head back!”.

They swam strenuously back to the stairs. The water had reached nine stairs and was almost at the tenth. Mindy climbed out and held out her wrinkly hand to help Mandy.”Come on Mandy!” Mindy called, “I’ll help you out!” Mindy reached out her hand. Mandy tried to grab it, but she was pulled underwater.

Mindy was terrorized and she started shaking. “Mandy?” Mindy called nervously, “MANDY?”. All of a sudden, Mandy came back up. Mindy grabbed her hand and tried to pull her out of the water, but something was tugging on her feet. Mandy kept kicking at whatever it was, but it’s grip was tight.

“Mindy! Something gross has got my feet! PLEASE DON’T LET GO!” Mandy screamed. Without warning, whatever was gripping Mandy had let go of her, and Mandy got out of the water, and stared back. She grabbed her purse with her cold wet hands.”Ak! There’s something down there!” Mandy whimpered.

Mindy and Mandy both caught their breath and tried to relax. Although they tried to be calm, they knew they never could be, because they would eventually drown if they didn’t get out soon. A dark slimy scaly creature rose out of the water as it’s sharp teeth glimmered. It’s loud roar pierced Mandy’s ears.”You’re in for it now mister!” yelled Mandy, “I’ve missed four hours of sleep and my facial! AND MY NAILS NEED BUFFING! You stupid..

.”. The creature roared again and Mandy screamed as she ran down the hall. Mindy couldn’t help laughing at her. “PLEASE! Take my sister! I’m too young to die!” Mandy pleaded.”Oh sure, I’m only two minutes older than you ya know!” Mindy argued.

Mandy slowly inched back to get her purse. Mindy grabbed it and took out a huge jar of foundation powder. “NO!” Mandy screamed, “NOT MY COSMETICS!””Oh please!” yelled Mindy as she threw it at the monster. The jar exploded in the monster’s face. The monster coughed furiously with mystery, and a cloud of powder surrounded it.

ROAR! COUGH! COUGH! ROAR! COUGH! COUGH! The monster suffocated and fell back into the clear water and the water began to disappear. Mandy frowned with anger. She yelled,”You know that foundation costed SIXTY DOLLARS! GRRRRR!” *****Yes, Mindy and Mandy did escape, and swore never to tell anyone about the sea monster. Mindy and Mandy didn’t fight anymore, in fact they became friends as well as sisters. Mandy had learned to never spend sixty dollars on cosmetics again, because she never found her foundation.

Max also learned a valuable lesson: STAY in your crib.The house also still stands, at 432 Castlegrove Boulevard in London Ontario. The weird thing was after Mindy and Mandy got out of the passage way, they couldn’t get back in. What was walls was walls. Sometimes though, on a dark and dreary night in October, if you visit 432 Castlegrove Boulevard, you can still hear the monster coughing from the foundation, and you also might hear Mindy and Mandy cursing because they lost eighty dollars.

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