2. Health & Safety of Workers:

Robotics or Droid manufacturing is a very complicated task. Moreover with a great responsibility of producing droids there also comes a great risk. So for those robotics or droids manufacturing companies should be aware of the health and safety issue of the workers who takes part in the producing process and also ensure the safety and health issue of the user of those robots.
In the manufacturing process there rises a question of workers safety because producing the robotic is a very complicated job and risky as it requires a huge amount of help of large machineries and human touch to be made perfectly. The manufacturing companies should provide the proper safety gears to the human workers and also take proper care of their health, that by anyhow they don’t affect their health by the radiation or any other material used in the producing process. And also perform proper maintenance of the other working machineries which are involved in the manufacturing process so that those don’t cause any damage to the workers.
With the safety of the workers the manufacturing companies should also be aware of the after production safety of their robotics or droids. So that, their products do not cause any damage to the user of those robotics or droids.

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3. Consumers Issue:

Nowadays, in this era of modern science robotics or droids are the latest technology. And along with manufactures the consumers are also largely dependent on these technologies. As we all know robotics or droids are part of artificial intelligence, so it is a sensitive concern for the manufactures to be aware about its consumers. They should ensure the safety of the consumers regarding their product after sales. Moreover, they also should ensure that they are providing the best quality products to their customers. Providing quality products and also maintaining the quality is a major activity of the corporation social responsibility.
The manufacturers should take care that the products that they are manufacturing, meet up the need or purpose of the consumers. As different consumers have different purpose of robotics or droids. But in general the buyers of robotics or droid are mostly focused in three major aspects speed, accuracy and payload. Also there can be different requirements of the consumers. But whatever their requirement is, the company should make sure that best quality products

4. Social Issue:
Every corporation need to perform the corporation social responsibilities. Same for the robotic or droid manufacturing companies. Besides, the manufacturing of the robotics they also should do some social activities also. As, still the subject robotics isn’t available to the general level of education, they can arrange campaign about robotics to educate the children as well as the other people also. Moreover, they can provide free education to those who can’t afford it, donate money for charity. Beside all these things there is major aspect of social issue regarding the production of the droids or robots that is, robotic or droids are replacing human labors
And as a result the rate unemployment is increasing. More over a large number of people are getting unable to contribute the economy. So, there is creating a scarcity of job and economy development.

Transparency is major activity involved in corporation social responsibility. Transparency is maintained to gain the consumer’s trust and faith towards the company. Every robotics or droids manufacturing company aims to be accompanied that is trusted by the society. And to gain this acceptance of transparency the company should must go by abiding by all the laws and regulation for the government transparency, maintaining the respect for the human rights, health ; safety. And also preserving the environment properly transparency can be gained. Every company should be transparent to the government as well as to its customers. It increases the trust of consumers towards the company also it enhances corporation reputation.

Company Using of Robotics:
Modern world has a revolutionary development in science. And the whole world is depending on robotics or artificial intelligence more ; more every day. And besides the robotics manufacturers the other industries who are buying and using these robotics instead of human labors. Using of these machines have made the tasks east to done and also with accuracy. Also with the blessings of the technology artificial intelligence (AI) can perform all those tasks which are dangerous and risky for humans, very fast and swiftly.
In most cases, robots are mainly used in manufacturing process as a part of assembling the product. For example, auto manufacturers have successfully used robots for many years. A robot is placed on the assembly line and puts together a piece of the machinery before it is passed on to a human worker. This helps humans avoid these simple tasks and it can also ensure that other workers have plenty to do.
Another, most important ant factor of using robots is, robots are getting cheaper now and also their maintenance cost is also less. Not only the pricing issue but also according to the capability issue robots are faster and more capable than humans. Robots are also more active than humans, they don’t even get tired. And as they are programmed for only working purpose, they can work continuously for long period 24*7 without any disruption. Mainly, in the assembling process of products the task must be done with proper accuracy otherwise it may cause problem. And the se of robotics ensure 100% of accuracy in the job.
Different companies have different needs or expectations from the robots. And they can buy customized robots from the robotics manufacturing companies which are designed for special tasks. For example- Militaries may need robots for war, industries may need robots for manufacturing and hospitals may need robots for medication. Like that, different organizations have different things to do by these robots that are why they can buy their robots by their preferred size, power and ability.
Most importantly, usage of robotics in the company will make the company more efficient. Also robotics is also more cost efficient compared to humans. So, robotics can be considered as the most cost efficient machine.

Human Labors being replaced by Robotics:
Now it has became important issue to be concerned which is that, the many of the industries in the corporate world are replacing their human employees or labors by artificial intelligence (AI).


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