Yunaisa Azmaali Ms

Yunaisa Azmaali Ms

Yunaisa Azmaali
Ms. Syniura
December, 17, 17
The chrysalids essay assignment

“I believe that the influence of women will save the country before every other power” is a quote by Lucy Stone which I think relates to this essay. The Chrysalids by John Wyndham examines the tests and tribulations faced by a group of young telepathic ‘deviations’ (people who aren’t normal) in a post apocalyptic future. A small group of deviations struggle to find peace, safety and justice they are entitled to, like the most broadly separated community in the world which is women. In this novel, the female characters of the story go through more difficulties than the others, showing they are the real heroes. Petra and Sophie are the main heroes. Petra’s telepathic ability and her confidence in helping her friends and family survive even though she experiences such shocking and hurtful trails at an early age shows her strength. Sophie grows to be a humane person who is willing to risk her life for her friends and family despite her surviving a very paranoid childhood.
The younger sister to David Strorm, Petra Strorm is one of the sources to David’s and Rosalind’s escape from Waknuk. Petra is the youngest member in the group and is an extremely powerful telepath, she can understand thought-shape that other telepaths are not even communicating to her. This means that she understands when the members of her group are experiencing serious sufferings, for example when Katherine felt when she was being tortured. “It was not a thought-shape; it had no real form; it was sheer distress, like a cry of agony. Petra gasped, and threw herself whimpering into Rosalind’s arms. The impact was so sharp that it hurt… My hands shook. Yet the shock was so formless that we could not tell which of the others it came from” (Wyndham 129). This caused a great pain for Petra, a feeling of torture no children her age should experience. Even though she goes through a lot of traumatic situations she still stays positive. Additionally, David and Rosalind never have known about the New People in Sealand if it wasn’t for Petra. They weren’t going to ever make it out their way out of Waknuk without Petra’s communication.
Sophie Wender went through different traits in her life. She’s a survivor, she has had the most difficult life of the above-mentioned females. She has never given up on anyone who’s close to her even though her childhood was kind of problematic which may make anyone else to be distrustful and unpleasant. It was difficult for Sophie to make friends since she was born with the physical defect of having six toes on each foot. Not only did that isolate her from other children but also put her family in danger. She still manages to grow up to be caring and loyal to her people. She shows her heroism through her loyalty and by helping David and his friends when they need it and doing whatever compulsory to maintain her loyalty to her friends. She did in fact risk her safety by killing a Blasphemy who held Rosalind and Petra hostage. “Rosalind, and Petra, too, watched silently in horrid fascination as Sophie scooped a bowlful of water from the bucket to wash the blood off her arms and clean the knife” (Wyndham 175). The she what she has to do however unpleasant it is, in order to assist David and preserve her love for Gordon is a revealing of how her struggles made her stronger. Even Rosalind is impressed whom she saves although being jealous of her which cause more tension later on. She puts herself on dangerous situations to protect her loved ones. Having a difficult early life with her lifelong isolation makes it difficult for anyone to be loyal and strong, but yet Sophie manages to be so throughout her struggles.
In conclusion, through their persistence through challenges and strength of character. The female characters in this novel shows true heroism. From Sophie’s loyalty and resilience through her childhood tragedies, to Petra’s ability to provide an escape method for David and Rosalind of not having fully control of her gift.

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Wyndham, John. The Chrysalids. Michael Joseph, 1955.


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