YouTube has become a learning experience for me

YouTube has become a learning experience for me

YouTube has become a learning experience for me. It is one of the most admired and accepted video sharing website where it consists of varieties of functions to empower a cybernetic world to activate. YouTube has recognized as one of the top most visited website on the entire World Wide Web among other websites too; Google and Facebook. It’s basically like broadcasting yourself and providing the world; your ideas, thinking, knowledge and entertainment. This website has been unbelievably trendy in today’s generation and has taken all over the smallest to the largest area of the world. We can easily find out the videos that we want to watch and know it’s information. Not only the recent videos but also one from back in years. It has an incredible storing power where all the important information are stored in YouTube’s database.
Anywhere from any part of the world, if we are connected to the internet, we can undoubtedly access YouTube. Not just being a video storage website, it has been a rescue to human’s lives. It is the fastest growing society of videos, information, and blogs. But there is nothing in the world where there is no advantage and disadvantages side. Likewise, YouTube has also the mixture of positivity and negativity from non-harmful to harmful videos and blogs. I would say, YouTube has played a vital role as a learning experience, getting to know information and knowledge from. Not only just for me but as overall thinking, our life would be so dull and monotonous without it. It has helped me expand my knowledge from household to personal work. For example, If I have to install a Bluetooth connection inside my car and have no idea where to start from, I would literally go to YouTube and try to find a process and solution about how to install it. It has definitely made my life more convenient.
From last 3 months, I have been addicted to watching a Tv series named “Crime Patrol” on YouTube. It is a show where stories of crime scene happen around the country “India”. It shows the interest in fictional drama presentation with thrilling and suspension move. Besides, that I had also watched “DIY” beauty videos like “How to remove acne overnight” where I realize that I have learned nothing at the end because it is not possible to get rid of acne in just one night. Lastly, for those who are willing to go on YouTube to learn something new, I would say that every part of the videos you watch has two different sides, pros, and cons. You are the one who has to be careful about what you watch and analyze which one would be educational and helpful for you.


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