Young of 17, he was recognized as the

Young of 17, he was recognized as the

Young India This article is all about very few selective Young Achievers of India who has made India and Indians proud. Here are a few examples to showcase what the 21st Century India is up to. I hope it also provides desperately essential motivation to other youngsters of India to face the world with grace and confidence, and achieve more in life.

1. Suhas Gopinath: The Youngest CEO Photograph of Suhas Gopinath Suhas Gopinath was born on November 4, 1986 in Bangalore, Karnataka and belongs to a middle class family.His father was a defense scientist. At the age of 14, he launched a website www. CoolHindustan. com and became the world’s youngest certified professional web developer. At the age of just 14 years, he incorporated his company Globals Inc.

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in 2000 in San Jose, California, USA. This company is a web solution and networking company. He also lost many projects, because the Indian law did not allow him to sign a contract. At the age of 16 he was recognized as the world’s youngest entrepreneur in by CNBC and e-Business.At the age of 17, he was recognized as the World’s Youngest CEO by leading media houses across the globe including Limca Book of Records. In December 2, 2007, The European Parliament and International Association for Human Values conferred a Young Achiever Award on him. In November 2008, he was invited to represent the World Bank’s ICT Leadership Roundtable conference for adopting ICT in Africa.

He holds a Diploma on Global Leadership and Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School at Harvard University.As of 2007, he has offices in 11 counties, employing 600 people. 2. Atri Garg: The Youngest Poet Photograph of Atri Garg Atri Garg was born on June 18, 2003 at Vikaspuri, Delhi. He has authored a poem book named “Sau baal Kavitayen” in which he has written total 100 poems in a four line verse format.

This book has been published by Amar Satya Prakashan. 3. Daisy Talwar, The Youngest Black Belt in Karate pic Photograph of Daisy Talwar showing with Certiifcate Daisy Talwar was born on May 21, 1999 in New Delhi.

She is the youngest black belt in karate. She achieved the black belt at the age of 5-years and 11-months on April 29, 2005. Thus Daisy Talwar has made India proud which is renowned to be the land of birth for martial arts which came to lime-light in between 7000-5000 BC, and later spread to China and Japan by Indian Buddhist Monks during the reign of Emperor Ashoka, the Great. 4. Sreelakshmi Suresh, The Youngest Website Designer pic Photograph of Sreelakshmi Suresh showing with Certiifcate Sreelakshmi Suresh was born in 1998 in Kozhikode, Kerela.

She created her school’s website when she was in 4th standard of Presentation Higher Secondary School. The website named www. PresentationHSS. com was launched on January 15, 2007 by Sri. Binoy Viswom (Minister of Kerala). Sreelakshmi Suresh is the youngest ever member of the Association of American Webmasters (AAW) and has also won the Gold Web Award by AAW.

Till date, she has bagged about 26 National and International honors including the prestigious Global Internet Directories Gold Award. She is the Brand Ambassador of Info Group.Her school website portraits her talent and also states that she has designed a new website www.

StateOfKerala. in which is a complete information portal on Kerala state. 5. Arushi Bhatnagar, The Youngest Professional Artist pic Photograph of Arushi Bhatnagar Arushi Bhatnagar was born on June 1, 2002. She is the youngest professional artist.

She had her first solo exhibition at the Kalidasa Akademi (Ujjain) on May 11, 2003, when she was 344 days (or 11 months) old and sold her first art work through it for a cost of Rs. 5,000/-.Till date, she has created more than 3,000 paintings and has made 15 solo exhibitions, received 9 awards and 23 honors.

6. Krishen Srikanth, The Youngest Film Director pic Photograph of Krishen Srikanth Krishen Shrikanth was born on January 6, 1996 in Bangalore, India. He made history in 2005 by directing a full-length feature film named ‘Care of Footpath’ which included popular cast crew like Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff and Kannada film industry super-star Sudeep.

It became a big hit in the market and went on to celebrate 100-Days Golden Jubilee.It is about slum children and their life. He got this idea of film-making when he saw slum-kids begging in streets, he was with his Dad in the car when this incident happened, and hearing to his son’s ambition his Dad produced the film for his son to help him show-case his talent and feelings towards the society to the world. He has been acting since the age of four and has appeared in 24 movies and more than 1,000 TV shows..

It is about slum children. He has been acting since the age of four and has appeared in 24 movies and more than 1,000 TV shows .

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