You wake up and look for your phone

You wake up and look for your phone

You wake up and look for your phone. It’s not connected to your charger. You start panicking. You remember you were scrolling down facebook as you tag your friends on a meme that you know your friends will laugh emoji your comment. You start looking around the bed. As you shuffle around looking around you found it the moment you check under your blanket. I’m sure that at least few of you can relate to this story because I also can relate to this story. Or perhaps as you open your book and you suddenly become drowsy and you get yourself in trouble at class for sleeping. These are some of the examples that I could name from misused social media and devices.

Everyday people such as you and I are using hours and hours on social media looking at so called memes and selfies. When you wake up, when you come after school, breaks in between studying, before sleeping these are just some times that people go on their social media. All these hours spent scrolling down and typing on a post that everybody can access. Everyone enjoys it but is it that important that we sacrifice our “real” social life? What are the positives and negatives of using such imperfect media platform?

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Teenagers like you and I or even grown ups these days depend on the media for information on everything the latest news. Media is setting the mindset for teenagers. Before media was invented normal teenagers would spend average of 4 hours being active but these days it’s been completely swapped around, as teenagers these days spend 4 hours online. Also teenagers these days usually end up having sleepless night as they spend their time on media instead of sleeping without the parents knowledge.


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