Within St Mary’s

Within St Mary’s

Within St Mary’s, good team work is where all team members understand, believe in and work towards the shared purpose of caring for resident. As a team leader I ensure all team members are working towards it in their day-to-day work. All teams move through different stages of development, but are at their most of assistance where there is honesty and trust, with members working to their own strengths. For me to know my team and earn their respect I have to develop a good working relationship with them. I have to be a good role model and be able to present an image and objectives for the team. When I started as a unit manager, I was the youngest team leader. I have several seniors and older member of the team. Occasionally I find them very dominant to me because of their experience and the longer time they been working in the nursing home. But regardless, it is about understanding and showing respect to all members of the team whoever they are.


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