With this song

With this song

With this song, I think what Tupac was trying to do, was to get people to take a stand and point out issues such as racism, violence and poverty, and get people to realise in order for society to progress, changes need to be made. In the first line of the song he says “I see no changes”, I think the changes he was talking about was after the Civil Rights Movement, and how after this African Americans were supposed to have more freedom, but Tupac doesn’t see any changes and people are still as racist as before. In the same verse he says “I’m tired of bein’ poor and even worse I’m black, my stomach hurts, so looking for a purse to snatch”, my interpretation of this is because many African Americans were judged, and not given the same opportunities as the other citizens in America, they had to resort to crime to be able to keep living and have money to be able to survive. In the song Tupac also realises that the fact that most people who are in jail are African Americans, is due to the fact that they keep doing the things that get them put in jail, and is also the reason why they aren’t succeeding as much as they should be.


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