With high esteem

With high esteem

With high esteem, I recommend to your training institute Ms. Paadini Datar. I have known her for two years as one of my students and I know that she deserves to be part of your training.
Ms. Datar was always a studious and resourceful student. She graduated as one of the top students in her class because of her excellent academic performance. Aside from her academics, Ms. Datar was also active in extra-curricular activities where she was a leader and achiever. She was the head of teams that represented the school in several contests outside the school. Being a working student, she did not have the chance to attend trainings when she was still a student and longs to advance her skills through your training program. I know that your training develops very good leaders in society and I hope she will be able to have the privilege of getting a training from your respected school.


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