Why would they do such a thing

Why would they do such a thing

Why would they do such a thing? People can do confusing things that others won’t comprehend. To better understand why people can do such things one has to “Climb into their skin and walk around in it.” This is explored in the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee which explains what motivated the people to see from this perspective, what good comes from it, and how the characters behavior change after. Once you can understand their reasons then you can truly feel empathy towards others and help build a better community.

Many people don’t understand others feeling, or predicaments for example in the beginning Scout thought Mrs.Dubose was just a mean old devil but after her death she learns that she was a morphine addict who struggled with her illness. Atticus says, “If you can learn a simple trick Scout, you’ll get along a lot better with all kinds of folk.” Scout then learns about walking in someone else’s skin and the if she can learn empathy she can get along with everyone. Scout steps into to Boo’s shoes to realize that Boo has been watching over them the whole time and near the end of the novel she sees herself and Jem from his point of view “Summer, and he watched his children’s heart break. Autumn again and his Boo’s children needed him.” Scout feels she has learnt everything except perhaps algebra and that she and Jem had matured considerably in the past years. “He picked up the camellia, and when I went off to bed I saw him fingering the wide petals.” After Mrs.Dubose’s death Atticus explains what she was dealing with and Jem also starts to empathizes and realizes that Mrs.Dubose was a very courageous determined woman and understands the reason for her vicious behavior. If people were able to empathize like Jem and Scout

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