Why is it a benefitting for us to be moral

Why is it a benefitting for us to be moral

Why is it a benefitting for us to be moral? Or even try to be a moral character. Most of the people don’t understand how their immorality is unhelpful to others and even to themselves. The problems we are having nowadays proves that how being immoral can be deadly. What do we make of situations in which morality tells you to do one thing, and self-interest tells you to do something different? The basic answer to a question that comes to mind of a simple person that being moral is taught in religion. There is God to reward you for following the justice. Even if you do the sin in a hidden way, the omniscient God will detect and punish you here or the upper world.
However, religion is not sufficient for people of this modern world. The reason is that every individual working in any department is with the same psychology. Everybody wants the social justice and balance of society, but at the same time wants his or her over attachment result in the sin, to proceed in an undetectable way. You cannot control every human being through the law of court and the police department. Today, you are hearing the news that an honorable judge of the honorable court has taken a huge bribe to protect the injustice! Every employee in every department is influenced by the corruption. The employee may belong to government or administration or parliament or assembly or even judiciary system. So there are very few only exist, who follow justice due to fear of God. And what you can say for those who even don’t believe in God? Why they should be moral as they don’t believe in any reward or any punishment from God.
To answer that just think of an example what will happen if there are no traffic rules from now. Will we be able to use this comfortable service anymore? Definitely not. There will be accidents everywhere and people will not find this safe anymore. So, rules are something that lets culture to live a mannerly life. Without them, there would be nothing but chaos. Humans don’t live like wildlife. How can you possibly make this world a better place without moral values? A person always tries to live in a place that is peaceful, where his rights are preserved and his life, dignity and wealth are not in danger. To live this life, one should be moral. But how being moral gets your rights well-kept? This can be explained by just a simple quote that is “what goes around, comes around.”
A life of immorality will put a person further and further into a deep pit of loneliness, desperation, and despair. Not everyone is strong enough or lucky enough to get back out of them. One can lose all moral senses and can figure morality is pointless. But due to it, slowly, day by day, he becomes a more self-centered person. He uses drugs, lies and manipulates to get his way by anything. These things are all toxic behaviors. Finally, he struggles to get out of bed in the morning, finding it hard to connect with people, feeling socially anxious. As it is non-negotiable that it is impossible to live a social life without morality. He became step by step a monster. As mentioned by a philosopher: A man without virtue is like a wild beast, loosed upon the world (Albert Camus). The moral value expressed in the quote sounds very true. Ever since the man started living in the organized society, some sorts of moral codes were felt necessary to maintain social order and to regulate life. On the contrary, in the animal kingdom, no such codes are prevalent, as nature didn’t feel it necessary to have such codes. There are clear codes for human society as distinct from and in clear contrast to the jungle raj where all varieties of violent species thrive and flourish in each other’s lives. Violent beasts also flourish and thrive there in the jungle raj which is not the case with human society. The distinction between the two is nothing but the set of rules governing the behavior of humans in their society which is absent in jungles. If the governing body is unable to enforce the rules in society, there would be chaos and disorder similar to jungle raj.
In the bible, it says that that which is done in the darkness will be brought to light (Luke 8:17), and I believe that. People have a bizarre way of seeing into the character of another person with sometimes surprising accuracy. Always doing what’s right morally would be the best choice. The happiest people in life are always the most moral. The most loving people. Despite the suffering, they are content with what little they might have. The covetous, lying, deceitful, sexual perverse man and woman will never be happy with what they have regardless of how much. People recognize helping others as good because we all recognize, at some level, that all lives are equally valuable. A person should be moral in order to achieve a long happiness in his life.
One more thing what morality gives us is happiness and that’s the best-supported reason if you are trying to convince a person to be moral. In many cases, it is not seeming good for personal interest to be moral but sooner or later it leads us to happiness. People recognize helping others as good because we all recognize, at some level, that all lives are equally valuable. So this makes the community to live together, grow together and enjoy together. By Aristotle happiness is considered as health, wealth, friendship and good moral character. One who is modest in his activities is considered to be moral. Religious world didn’t have much importance for Aristotle as much the real world. According to him, the human good turns out to be the soul’s activity that expresses virtue.
Morality exists to keep societies together. Societies that believe the same thing, will start to think that they are part of the same in-group. It is our monkey brain at best, creating us versus them mentality. Morality is the glue, the standard that defines: this is us. Unfortunately, some inherited rules of morality failed the utilitarian test. People just passed them on from generation to generation without understanding the motive and purpose of the rules. Conservatism is bad when the rules you are holding is no longer applicable in the modern world. Progressive, on the other hand, is bad when the change they are trying to make remove an important and crucial glue that held the society together.
There are no nations, no states, no “us”, except in your mind. There is no magical line on the ground that says “over here is our land, over there is your land”. Everything exists as a social agreement between people. Morality is the foundation of such agreement. Two societies without the same basic rule will not be able to agree to each other. If there is a horde of Huns and Mongols outside your door, the least effective thing you can do is telling them the importance of property rights under the law. What is good and what is bad can simply be defined as what makes societies strong, and what makes them crumble. A German philosopher Immanuel Kant who is a central figure in modern philosophy described it as “Categorical Imperative”, a universal moral law (Kant, 1785). But since every society differs, then morality differs. As long as they are working to keep those societies strong, then they are working as intended.
To sum up; either humans believe in god or not, being moral will be the best choice for them to survive in this world. We should be honest with our self and with others. Being immoral how can someone be genuine with the people he meets, with family? How can he look a child in the eyes? Who wants to be friends with someone who is not genuine and manipulates everyone to get his way? Not being immoral creates bad habits in a person and bad habits are not easy to break. In order to make this world a better place, its duty of everyone to be a moral person because what goes around comes around. So there would be nothing but chaos if people didn’t live with each other happily. Mostly happy persons have moral values in them. Immorality creates loneliness, desperation, and despair. This world could become jungle raj if moral values are eliminated. The most important thing is morality lets us live happily. And for me, it’s the most important thing because a life without happiness is worse than being dead. Morality has a huge impact on keeping societies together because all agreements that are made up to live in peace are the results of morality. Hence morality makes this world a better place to live.


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