WhirligigDo being humiliated at a party, 16-year-old

WhirligigDo being humiliated at a party, 16-year-old

WhirligigDo you think its possible to have a positive outcome after accidentally killing someone? It can happen, and this book shows you how. The message that the author sends is important, and the story is laid out in a unique way that makes it interesting to read.

After being humiliated at a party, 16-year-old Brent drives away intoxicated and makes the last minute decision to kill himself. Letting go of the wheel on a busy highway, he ends up killing someone else. The victim is another 16-year-old female named Lea. Her mother asks nothing else but for Brent to put up 4 whirligigs, one in each corner of the United States.

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Being that they were Leas favorite toys when she was younger, their purpose is to serve as monuments representing Leas ability to make people smile. With plywood, tools, a construction manual, and a bus pass, Brent sets out to build the whirligigs. In each of the 4 states, someone crosses the path of these monuments and learns a priceless lesson.

After being inspired by the whirligig in Florida, a young Puerto Rican father learns an important lesson. Its that people in a group can make good music or bad. A teenager and her dying grandmother make the best of their relationship after seeing the whirligig in San Diego, California. In Washington, an adopted boy realizes that his life is not so bad after all. And lastly, a young girl and her best friend are reunited in Maine. More important than the effect on others, however, are the lessons that Brent learns along the way.

His life changing experience teaches him what is the central theme in the book, a theme that you would enjoy finding out for yourself. Even though the story might seem ordinary at times, it allows you to look at the big picture, which is the most important aspect. The main character-Brent- displays characteristics that a lot of high school students can relate to; whether male or female. In his cross-country adventure through the U.S.

, exciting and unexpected moments never cease to amuse you. All kinds of people contribute to Brents change of attitude; one comment or story or facial expression at a time. And possibly the best part of it all is that you get all of this educational, amusing literature in only 133 pages. In this incredible story, a young man attempts suicide but ends up turning the situation around after a self-discovering journey across the country. Not only does he help himself, but also several people who cross his path. This is the proof that you can have a positive outcome from such a negative situation as accidentally killing someone. So, if youre looking for an excellent book to read in a short period of time, read Whirligig by Paul Fleischman.

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