When working in a school setting

When working in a school setting

When working in a school setting, there is a really high possibility of coming across communication difficulties and it is vital we aim to try and fix these issues as soon as we can, as it could affect the child’s intellectual development and even physical development. There are two common communication difficulties that we may come across. One of them is stuttering (also known as stammering). Stuttering is a well-known speaking disorder when a person repeats the first half of the word. It can be linked to low self-esteem or traumatic experiences during their childhood. It is strongly recommended that all staff members are patient with the child/young person/adult into speaking more fluently and not to say things such as “come one, spit it out!”, as it could make the problem worse. Another communication difficulty is cluttering. Cluttering is a speech disorder which will affects the person’s fluency. This can happen if the person has a tendency to speak really fast. This can also result when a person will repeat phrases to understand what is being said. It may be important to adapt the way you communicate when English is a person’s second language, has a hearing impairment, or special educational needs. These are they ways of how to adapt your own communication to meet the needs of the child: Speak clearly when communicating, slow your speech if necessary, use visuals such as pictures, videos or flashcards, use a translator if necessary, use sign language, have good eye contact and use positive body language.


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