When it comes to child development there are two major influences

When it comes to child development there are two major influences

When it comes to child development there are two major influences. These influences are nature which are traits we inherit and nurture which are the traits we learn. Nature and nurture are different in many ways but they both play an important role in child development. Although they both influence development the topic of which has the greatest influence in frequently debated. There are different influences on child development in relation to nature and nurture. These influences are biological, environmental, societal, and cultural. Nature is responsible for the biological influences. Biological influences are traits that are passed parents to their children. They include appearance, talents and abilities, and also certain illnesses. Thus, nurture is responsible for environmental influences. These are things that are in a child(s) environment that they are exposed to or experience. Nurture can also be responsible for cultural and societal influences on child development which can be instilled subtly through natural interactions with other. The cultural and societal influences can be direct and indirect impacts of culture, race, and ethnicity as well as the powerful effects of economics, gender roles, and religion. Many believes that nature and nurture are partners because of the fact that they both play a role in child development. However, theorists have different views about the two. Some theorists believe that nature is ultimately responsible for growth, while other theorists believe that children become whatever their environment shapes them into.


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