What is Reproductive Health Plan

What is Reproductive Health Plan

What is Reproductive Health Plan?
From the view of the World Health Organization on this topic, Reproductive Health Plan is a plan we make to manage our ability to:
Have responsible sex life
Have satisfying sex life
Have safe sex life
Decide if we reproduce, when we reproduce, and how often we reproduce.

What does this mean?
The implication of this is that people of reproductive age have a right to:
Know about fertility regulation methods they can accept and afford; and that are also safe and effective
Be able to get such fertility regulation methods
Get the right healthcare service that will set up women to safely go through pregnancy and child delivery
Get the right healthcare service that will afford couples the best likelihood of having a healthy infant.

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What do I need to do?
It is important that I have a Reproductive Health Plan. By doing so, I will improve thee status of my health and the health of my spouse and children. Types of plans I can explore include:
Family Planning
A well –spaced reproduction sequence helps create:
A healthy mother
A vibrant father
Healthy children
A happy family

There are family-planning methods for men too! Ask in the nearest health clinic or hospital.


Essential for the well being of the mother and the fetus/baby are:
Pre-natal care
Be Proactive!
Take Control Of Your Reproductive Health.

Natal care
Post-natal care
Get tested. You might not know if you have a sexually transmitted disease unless you get tested. Many STDs do not have early symptoms!
HPV is common but it can be prevented by a vaccine. Ask about the HPV vaccine today!
Many STDs can be cured.

Most STDs can be treated.

It all begins with getting tested!!

Regular Medical check-ups
Full medical assessment is essential, at least once a year, even if you do not feel any symptoms of ill health. Ask your medical provider about:
Mammogram for the females
PAP smear test for ladies
Prostate health for the men


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