Heroes times.Aside from the heroes mentioned above, there

Heroes times.Aside from the heroes mentioned above, there

Heroes can come in all shapes and sizes, and they are different from one generation to another.Heroes can be people that rise above their limitations to do significant things that impact other peoples lives, for instance Mark McGwire when he hit 70 home runs to break Roger Maris record. A hero can also be someone that spends her whole life dedicated to a cause to help other people.

An example would be Mother Teresa helping the poor. Heroes from the baby boomer generation are a mix of both types. People like Princess Diana and Paul Newman, who both have done an abundance of charity work, have spent their lives helping people.

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Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Mohammad Ali had one or two moments in sports where they did something really significant in the course of time, but their whole lives were not dedicated to that cause.On the other hand, the children of the baby boomers select a different group of heroes. Almost all of this generations heroes are from the second definition of hero, a person that rises above his/her limitations to do something significant that impacts other peoples lives. A few examples would be the Spice Girls with their girl power phenomenon, Kordell Stewart being a great athlete, Michael Jordan winning 6 NBA titles, Barry Sanders breaking the record for the most rushing yards in a single season, and Hulk Hogan winning the WWF World Championship Title 5 times.Aside from the heroes mentioned above, there are some heroes that remain throughout all generations. These heroes are mostly people who spent much of their lives fighting for a cause, like Martin Luther King, Jr.

in his fight for black people rights. Among others are Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison, major inventors of their time, John Glenn with his trip into space, George Washington, our first president and father of our country, and John Kennedy, our youngest president.In conclusion, the term heroism varies from generation to generation, but the personal underlying meaning of the word remains the same.

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