Well, the key difference between a solar air conditioner and a conventional unit is that the former is powered not from grid electricity (at least during the day) but by electricity generated from solarphotovoltaic panels. To understand the principle behind air conditioning,

• And therein lies its first advantage. In most regions of the world, electricity demands are at their highest during the morning to late afternoon (coinciding with industrial and commercial activity). Purchasing electricity from the grid at these times is expensive, and consumers have to pay an additional “demand charge” over and above their baseline electricity consumption.
Grid based electricity can also be highly unreliable, especially in Saudi Arabia

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• Solar air conditioners can be of immense help here as they enable the consumer to produce his/her own free power at the site of consumption, thereby freeing him/her of the dependence on the central grid. Doing so also results in a much smaller electricity bill, as now the consumer does not have to pay (daytime) demand charges.


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