We are constantly surrounded by many different radiations

We are constantly surrounded by many different radiations

We are constantly surrounded by many different radiations, which to some extent influence the body. Scientists have different opinions about the consequences of this phenomenon, although it is also worth noting the fact that manufacturers of household appliances and other electronics are constantly working to reduce the level of exposure. The greatest danger is caused by radiation – radiation to some extent not only dangerous, but also mysterious. It is attributed to him various properties by changing the characteristics of the body, most of them negative. The effect of radiation on the human body continues to be studied. This is explained by the fact that various health problems or various deviations are most often attributed to radioactive radiation. Let your children first learn these facts about lions Daughters of stars: take a look at what they have become! Is it true that cats know all about your feelings? The main danger is that it is invisible and can not be felt without special devices. A person can not feel that he is under irradiation, until the effect of radiation on the human body begins to manifest itself to the full. Peculiarities of human exposure Conditionally, it is possible to divide the effect of radiation on the human body into two types: Somatic. Genetic. In the first case we are talking about a direct bodily impact, i.e. the effect of radiation on the human body manifests itself in direct changes and deviations. However, radiation to some extent damages the genetic apparatus, which manifests itself in subsequent generations. Some say that the second type of exposure is much more dangerous, and this causes a general deterioration in the health of the nation and society. After all, every subsequent generation gets some genetic deviations, and they constantly accumulate as a snowball. 17 signs that you have the best mother in the world 10 things that make people not love you Benefits of drinking coffee Manifestation of somatic effects At the very beginning, the effect of radiation on a person manifests itself in the form of somatic effects. Several main types can be distinguished: Radiation sickness. Leukemia. Diverse tumors. Local radiation lesions. Radiation, affecting the cells of the human body, causes a variety of chemical and physical processes. The most dangerous in this case is beta radiation, since it has a strong penetrating property. Alpha particles have a low density and very strongly destroy the mucosa. As a result, cells lose their integrity, ionization occurs, and this becomes the reason for the disturbance of their normal vital activity. Types of radiation sources in the environment Most people receive radiation in a natural way. It is absolutely impossible to avoid this. The sources include the sun, various cosmic springs and so on, and many radioactive fossils are also found on the surface of the Earth and in its crust. The effect of radiation on the human body occurs for three main reasons: Inhalation of contaminated air. The use of contaminated food. Effects of radiation on open wounds. Infection through the inhalation of air containing radioactive isotopes is most dangerous, because as a result of ventilation of the lungs they spread quickly throughout the body. However, in any of these cases, these substances enter the human blood after a few minutes. If there was no more impact, the concentration of dangerous substances is reduced after 15-20 days. Although some types of isotopes live much longer. At the first stage ionization of cells takes place, which manifests itself in the form of radiation sickness. Further, radiation provokes various chemical reactions involving proteins, various amino acids, water, etc. All this leads to extremely negative changes in the body, which depend on the duration and strength of the effect. – ??????? ????????? ?? FB.ru: http://fb.ru/article/30010/vliyanie-radiatsii-na-organizm-cheloveka-i-sposobyi-protivodeystviya


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