Wan Hafizol Bin Wan Omar also known as Fizo Omar is Malaysia actor-turned-enterprenuer

Wan Hafizol Bin Wan Omar also known as Fizo Omar is Malaysia actor-turned-enterprenuer

Wan Hafizol Bin Wan Omar also known as Fizo Omar is Malaysia actor-turned-enterprenuer. Fizo who win second place in “Hero Remaja” 2007/2008 is now owner to Hot Burger Malaysia Sdn Bhd. He started with small stall in 5 state which is in Kota Bahru, Malacca, Johor Bahru, Klang Vallley and Setiawangsa. All this stall is fully operated by himself with finances help from his business partner, Asri Hamid and Rizal Musa. After a year, the business grew and Hot Burger have 150 outlet all over country and led to him to open 5 offices with 50 worker to handle it. With tagline “Harga Kaki Lima, Rasa Bintang Lima”, their burger attract a lot of customer from all over country. Their main attraction is even they only sell at street, they still manage to provide high quality of variety patties. Not only selling chicken and beef, they also have ostrich, rabbit, mutton and venison. Now, Hot Burger Malaysia Sdn Bhd is extending their market to Indonesia.
Not just focusing on the quality of their product, Fizo also take a good control toward his franchisee. Fizo use a retaining fee method where each of his franchisee need to buy all the ingredients from him and they can keep whatever profit they manage to make. Other than that, Fizo also provide a classes to them to train them and share their SOP. We can see that Fizo not only give opportunity to people started a business but also teach them to make more money and be financially independent. Fizo who is motivational speaker not only help people in generate money but he also helping in motivate people to not give up and define our weak point to turned it into positive point.
Other than Hot Burger, Fizo Omar is now working on new venture called “ABC( ADO BELAKO CORNER)” in Kota Bahru. This venture gathers many type of hawker stalls under one roof.


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Interpersonal roles
Interpersonal roles is a person need to be a leader, figurehead and liaison to their organization in order to connecting their organization and other constituents. Manager need to interact and make a relationship with other people to expand their market. There 3 roles in interpersonal which is figurehead, liaison and leader.
Figurehead means manager need to representing their organization to any formal or informal events. By that, manager can easily meet successful people and make a relationship with them. Its will help organization in finding investor. In their company, manager need to play the roles as figurehead in welcoming new staff and awarded staff based on their performances. Example: Fizo Omar need attend the formal events to represent Hot Burger Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Leader means manager is the one who responsible for their organization’s success and failure. So, they need to lead the organization to success. Therefore, they need to plan, organize, control, motivate and develop their member within organization toward their objectives. Other than that, manager also need to work with and through their member to ensure they achieve their goal. Example, Fizo Omar not just control the quality of product but also he really about his franchisee’s achievement.
Liaison is as a leader, they need to coordinate all the activities within organization to


Informational roles
This is roles where manager need to collects and transmits all the information from internal and external resources regarding their organization. Manager also need to monitor the situation within the organization and provide all the information needed by external users. There are 3 roles in informational roles which is monitor, spokeperson and disseminator.
Manager as monitor is when manager collect all information regarding their organization such as report from each department. Not focusing on internal information, manager also need to monitor the external information as well. Manager also need to arranged and analyze the information to help organization’s member determine the opportunity and challenge. Example, Fizo Omar collect all the information about his franchisee’s achievement. Therefore, he will know how to help his franchisee in maintain their profit
Spokeperson is manager need the represent the organization in deliver message to outsiders. Their main purpose to expose organization’s information to external user is to increase the organization’s reputation and attract investors. For example, Fizo Omar need to tell the media about his burger and what the specialist they have.
Disseminator is when manager deliver all information that they have from monitory the organization. Manager need to make sure that information is delivered to all units in organization. This really important to ensure that organization’s member know about it to ensure the efficient of the works. For example, Fizo Omar will held a classes that share SOP to his franchisee.
Decisional roles


Conceptual skill
This skill is skill where manager can think creatively to solve a problem and have ability to analyze a complicated problems. This skill is important to top management because they need to do a strategic planning for organization. This skill required manager to get information from external and internal environment and implications of that information. Not just important for top management but its also important to middle and first-line management. Example, Fizo Omar as top management need to do a strategy to attract customer to buy his burger eventho its only a street stalls.

Human skill
Human skill is ability to work with other people effectively whether in group or individually. This skill is a must to every level of management. With this skills, they need know how to motivate, communicate, inspire and lead other people. Middle management is the one who comply a lot of this skill since they need to communicate and interact with both top and first-line management. This level of management need to use human skill in coordinating all the resources and control all the first-line’s work. Other than that, they also need to inform all the organization’s member about organization’s goals. For example, Fizo need to inform to all his franchisee about their trademark to ensure that they didn’t do something wrong that will affect his company.

Technical skill
It is a skill that need u to apply all the tools, technique and procedures in your field. This is what first-line management have because they need to use all of this in their daily work’s routine. This skill doesn’t means you need to know handle machine but sometimes its can be information technology, scientific tasks or programming languages. Therefore, all management at least have a little bit knowledge about it. Top management and middle management doesn’t need a lot of this skill since they didn’t work directly to production or services. For example, Fizo Omar is a businessman who started from bottom. He started his business by open a stall that been operated by himself. So he know the technique of cooking burger.


POLC is a management function. Its is very effective method in manage an organization. POLC stands for planning, organize, leading and control. All this function is useful in management because its helps leader starting from make a clear vision about objectives to the day of production of goods or services. Started with planning, manager need to setting their organization’s goal and list all the activities that necessary to achieve the goals. This is the most important function of management because manager need to aware with their environment to grab all the opportunity and minimize all the risk that they will face. Therefore, in the way of achieving objectives, all organization’s member know and well prepared with all the possibility that will happen. For example, Fizo need to do a planning about the target of franchisee he want to have within a year.
Second step is organizing. Organizing is coordinating all the resouces in order to maximize returns and minimum the expenditure. Manager need to consider all the resources and facilities available and distributing it fairly and effectively. This step will helps organization’s member knowing their work scope and responsibilities. Even its main purpose is maximize returns and minimize expenditure, organizing must be structured to achieve their main objectives. Example, Fizo need to arrange their resources such as patties to make sure they sure a quality patties with lowest price.
Next function is leading. A organization need a manager who capable in leading their others member to work efficiently. Leader need to influence and motivated people to cooperate in their group. This is important to create harmony among individual efforts who working together in achieving goal. Example, Fizo motivate and guide his franchisee in making business to not only focusing on profit but also on how to generate it.
Lastly, controlling is where manager monitor all the work have been done to ensure its helps in achieving goals. Manager needs to make a comparison between the actual performances and the planned. From that, they will make a decision whether want to pursuing the planning but in aggresivel ways or change the plan according to the current situation. Example, Fizo Omar control his franchisee’s achievement in order to accomplish his goal.


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