Walters (2011b) also provides a number of tips for when considering various locations. The tips involve careful consideration of the population and the potential customers of the business; the accessibility and visibility of the business; the zoning of the location and future planning of that location area; the competition and other businesses at the location; the location costs; personal factors; and other special considerations, such as special requirements, parking lot, crime rate and governmental restrictions and laws.

Olawale and Garwe (2010:731) define a business environment as all those factors, both internal and external to the business, that may influence the survival of the business. The developments and changes that have recently taken place in the business environment, such as globalisation, increased competitive pressure, information technology and the focus on value creation, have forced businesses to take additional measures to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Because of this demanding business environment, businesses are being pressurised to adopt more effective control procedures to ensure efficient business functioning

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