Viktor Frankel: Logotherapy Viktor Frankel believed in the

Viktor Frankel: Logotherapy Viktor Frankel believed in the

Viktor Frankel: Logotherapy Viktor Frankel believed in the theory of logotherapy. Logotherapy is the therapy of meaning, the essence of the human being and the will to meaning.

According to Viktor Frankel the will to meaning is the essence of life and who we are. The theory of logotherapy is different than Freudian psychoanalysis because Freud believed in studying the past. He believed that the future was determined and the analyst was the key.Frankel believed in the future and the freedom of choice, he believed that the patient was the key, which opposite of what Freud is believed. Frankel believed that the will to meaning is the essence of the human being, this is important because having meaning in your life makes life worth living. Without life meaning there is nothing truly fulfilling in life.

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Frankel also believed in the idea of the existential vacuum, which is the emptiness that we feel within, meaning having no meaning in life or the feeling that something is missing in your life.The only person who can fill the emptiness is yourself because you are the only person who can decide your future. I agree with Frankels idea of the existential vacuum because I believe that you are the only person who can change your future and you are the only one who can make your life have meaning. There is also the idea of existential frustration which is the emptiness you feel when you are not doing what you were meant to do in life.

For example, if I were to become a teacher but my life passion was to be a doctor I might feel existential frustration because I have not reached my high point of achievement in becoming a doctor, what I was meant to be. Frankel believed in Noo-Dynamics which is setting a goal and achieving it. I believe that everyone should set goals in their life and try their best to achieve them to reach their logos. Frankel also believed that there are three ways to discover meaning which I strongly agree with him.The first is to do a deed or task, doing a deed or task can help you find meaning by doing a good deed and feeling good about what you did.

The second, encounter something or someone, by encountering someone you can find meaning by helping someone in life or even finding love which I feel has a great impact in the meaning of life. I believe that without love life cannot have meaning. The third is to find meaning in unavoidable suffering, by finding meaning in unavoidable suffering you find meaning to the hard parts of life and look at life in a different perspective.The idea of finding meaning in unavoidable suffering can be related to the film the secret garden because Mary must find meaning after her parents die and she is taken to live with her uncle. She does find meaning in the garden but I think the most important part is that she also encounters her family, her cousin and her uncle.

She helps her cousin realize that he is not sick and live a normal childhood again. She finds meaning in her life through the garden but she also finds meaning with her family.

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