Social need. Self actualization is foundation upon

Social need. Self actualization is foundation upon

Social Viewpoints. In Understanding social welfare: A search for social justice, refer to Chapter 2. This chapter discusses the way in which societies base their social welfare systems on predominant views of human nature.

Choose at least three of these views, compare and contrast the three, choose the one that you find most ethical, and provide illustrations of how the chosen views are reflected in modern, American Society. Your response should be a minimum of 250 words and reference at least two scholarly sources (one may be the text) in proper APA format.Please respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. The exploration for an ultimate answer to the question of the essence of human nature has been attempt to be answered over the centuries, but just like humanity the responses have been diverse.

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Humans were once believed to be divine entities that descended from some higher plane of conscience, then a highly developed animal with a long evolutionary history, or an accidental combination of atoms.At our present time, humans are seen as a very sophisticated computer, capable of complex mental behavior and emotion, still primarily material, but the leaders philosophers of consciousness. Analysis of human nature can be classed from complex to simple, this depends on the number of various elements of human nature people choose to recognize. The more complex outlook of human nature may explain the complexities of human nature.The three views I choose to evaluate are Economic and Human motivation, Self Actualization VS Irritation Response Theories, and Altruism and Mutual Aid. They seem the most relevant to the society of today. The Economic and Human Motivation theory states that people merely work for some type of economic gain, and those who deem themselves unfortunate are provoked to act to achieve the wealth and happiness they desire.

Everybody has personal motivators, satisfaction, money, or make an impression; which is clearly displayed by any individual’s work ethic.The foundation of Self Actualization versus Irritation Response Theory comes from Abraham Maslow’s theory that people are determined to fulfill a “hierarchy of needs” from the most basic needs, physiological needs, self respect and worth, love, security, and self- actualization so they can exert effort to a more sophisticated and complex need. Self actualization is foundation upon Abraham Maslow’s theory that people are determined to fulfill needs that are fulfilled in ascending order, with the most basic needs being on the bottom and self actualization being the highest need (Dolgoff, 2009).On the other hand, the irritation response theory proposes that people fulfill many of their needs because it is expected of them by society, thus being irritated and goaded into doing certain things. The Altruism and Mutual Aid theory is contradictory from the modern view of humanity; that people are born with a natural and intrinsically good or evil. Instead, this theory implies that people instinctually want to assist others.

However, mutual aid is more of bargaining or an if you scratch my back I will scratch yours type of assistance. The view of human nature is such an essential component in every philosophy of life; every consecutive refinement will have a consequence on other components. The more refined or complex our position the more distinguished or complicated our experience can be. References: Dolgoff, R. & Feldstein, D. (2009).

Understanding social welfare: A search for social justice (8th ed. ). Boston, MA: Pearson, Allyn and Bacon.

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