In fashioned way of life to adapt to

In fashioned way of life to adapt to

In the poetry and literature in Vietnam, the image of women has always been one of the inspiration for the poet, writer from ancient to modern. Under feudalism, the Vietnam Women’s lives are tied to the harsh school holidays. At the same time they are trampled by society, as cheap as at the time thought “important business men and women” as a ruler to measure the benefits that each person is entitled.

The fate of women in the former regime Round and bitter truth. Make their lives just like the animals because they are being abused, beaten, but was unable to cry.Status of these people from mix of situation-by-step downs state of the time. With the new changes in thought and review of the modern world, the position of women Vietnam today is gradually promoted and who needed no less macho. They have proved themselves the importance of the self in all aspects of family life as well as in society. With the development trend of the country, people need to be open and remove the old fashioned way of life to adapt to new life.

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However, because of the changes that the personality and qualities of the Vietnam Women’s beauty is no longer possible to complete as of yore.This is a sad truth, and in each of us, no one from the self-questioning about the underlying causes that have really made a profound effect on thinking and the dignity of women Vietnam . When it comes to women’s status in the feudal system, many people usually think of images “stork” has been popular for von long as the fate of the women of the past: “The stork wading shore diving the river. Rice burden to her husband felt the cry babies. “They are people who are disadvantaged in life, subject to unfair treatment by society just because they took part under the fragile girl power.From childhood life time, they must learn instill Confucian philosophy, including “three accomplices” and “four virtues” while schools are not allowed to text.

In this “three accomplices” are three things that women need to “home subtotal, subtotal of price, his wife from the total death” (at home by his father, the husband got married, her husband died as children). While there are “four virtues” are the four basic virtues that each woman should be like the past, content, language, behavior (ie, do agility, sharp interface gentleness, speaking softly, the meek streak).These are ethical standards that his father always respect and strive to develop by an old woman who rated gentle decency and good only if the person has adequate education on the ceremony. I think the beauty of this has created iconic Vietnam charming girl, but when you look at, the neighbors whispered that time to praise and respect. In marriage, the old woman Vietnam has no choice but to follow the set of parents. Who also because filial should not dare to disobey the order of birth. Before marriage, many women face is not known that his fiancee will have to improve tissue repair bag for the rest of his life.

By the time of the husband, they really surprised and confused with life as yet strange bride le eo. It’s poignant for fishing knives: “Oh, who do suffer. Please do not dare laugh, sad not dare to coal.

” If anyone was fortunate to meet husband virtue of learning and thinking, concern for family, he shall indeed be a brighter day in the warmth of her husband. As for having an abusive husband, the chief or the woman’s life was seen as an end. So many people did not get real happiness instead, lives life as professional distress and silver part. A typical example is the United Thuy Kieu in the “Tale of Kieu” by great poet Nguyen Du.Gentle and modest, but good Kieu “test phase graphics professional fishy enough immersion” filial piety and family always. But pushed by circumstances, she had to sacrifice his life his youth.

Perhaps the sun is so unfair that he began a “financial perfect beauty” as her father had to sell her off because of family circumstances can change. Society has pushed the girls like her before but not in depth shall have the right to speak out coal. When one wife, the old woman’s virginity to medium well despite being home to her husband mistreated no matter what.Who has seen the movie scent of green papaya director Tran Anh Hung pitiful to see life as strawberries humiliation. The name of his wife in a department as well-off family but the mother’s body buried flowers to put out as described in hurricanes storms. She suffered under her husband and all her life to care for their children despite the tears of her only disadvantage that flows quietly in the heart. The Vietnam Women’s ancient undergone turbulent life has become tougher and stronger, but ultimately they are only a small part in the decline of feudal society is still the concept of “best male friendship writing, writing umerous female cross.

” Only the iron heart of their son who is always praising life. Only the frequency of algae, not afraid of hardship have made them a great mothers over time: “Wind her lullabies fall asleep. In all years of farming farming run.

“And the only love of noble women who live in the new true soul of Vietnam. Today, when the girls’ main willow peach silk “was confident step on the career, brilliant career as the face of the men then turned to a social turning point. They are more equal before and have the right to decide their own future because now they can pursue the goal of life without being one block.No one can deny the important position of women in promoting economic development, political, social and foreign affairs of Vietnam. Thus suggests that women today have so many other ancient. They have the right to acquire the knowledge to do this the following pages.

They go beyond the framework established by the family to own the intellectual talent and then take on himself to all the professional jobs that were previously largely performed by men such as information technology, management business, civil engineers, etc … But it’s more important is that they have mastered their marriages.

Many generations have understood the question before folk “who grease its oil presses pressing pressure grace” should no longer worship the ancient custom of forced marriage on love, family. These scenes are no longer forced marriage occurs frequently, if not rare, except in rare cases. The girl has the right to love and marry without her parents’ trade restrictions. Truly this is a good sign when the concept of old-fashioned “place where the parents sit there” had almost no longer applies to modern lifestyles. Women today tend to communicate extensively outside of society.So many people have formed the thinking that the work is more important than emotional bond among family members.

This is one side in the process of social progress and civilization. Most of the busy work that many people forget the basics to protect your home and family as afraid or unfamiliar housework, not to share stories of life with your spouse, unaware of her husband’s thoughts to the cold and spousal love, many times causing the family to talk just because they are unhappy at work, etc …

So the proportion of divorced couples who want more to rise.The formerly shy girl no longer provide stroke loving, gentle, more feminine, instead of the naughtiness of her crucified indulgent lifestyle. So each one has been gradually losing “public use, language, behavior” – four words are considered the beauty of thousands of lives of women in Vietnam. Society has made people become more dynamic but also with serious consequences to the life and people of Vietnam. So who is responsible for this unfortunate change? First, I want to mention that the woman has a good reputation in the art world as a Miss, artist, or actor.Their names are public knowledge thanks to the capacity that is less entangled in a series of scandals, many-knit. The talent competition and no longer see the beauty and pure sound that is rife everywhere unsightly scenes have been arranged.

These awards are bought with money, the crown was changed by the culture how sex life to the ancestors of today really casts fade. This is a consequence of social ulcers under the leadership of the Communist Party’s ghost. They are sowing the seeds of destructive habits and customs of Vietnam to take the ideas of foreign crippling spread throughout the country.Moreover they also blatantly torn pages heroic history of the nation a blatant way. Heroic image of Ba is a symbol of pride for Vietnam, this woman who had been guilty in the political map in a smear mercilessly.

We dare to bring the artisans in Vietnam Union Art of the pages out to the women proud to sacrifice for Ma Tau Institute in Dong Hung – a tyranny was named Minister Han troops invaded our country into the ancient Vietnamese . This is a treason of CSTV unforgivable. Now we only see the service “hug” with minor girls all styles, all colors have lost the beauty of the U. S. , feminine.So be responsible for who? “Four virtues” is no longer active people like the ancient honor honor. This is a very influential when evaluating personality and behavior of the younger generation, especially women, by the moral values of a young woman is no longer based on the standard “three accomplices” and “four virtues “.

One of the biggest concerns of the country of Vietnam is trafficking in women, along with the service broker to marry a foreigner, especially Korea. Dignity of Women in Vietnam was not gracious in the eyes of the country you have to sell themselves as married people do.For many different reasons but mostly due to difficult family situations, many women do suffer from growing strawberries in the strange land where, being abused by violence, or sell such items to serve demand for sexual services to her husband’s family. Watching the scene laments that his identity is affordable modern woman also suffered pain and humiliation than under feudalism? They have lost the pure beauty and tenderness, as a national humiliation over four thousand years of civilization.The ideal world is entering the 21st century, humanity has reached a supreme civilization with the modern equipment to make the life more comfortable. The only country that happens ills such degeneracy to the neighboring countries have a bad impression with insight contempt for women in Vietnam. Culture of Vietnam has long-standing and traditional bold with the moral values of the old woman.

Although our country has developed to reach a civilized society no matter how the noble virtues of his father to the need to be nurtured and preserved.Whatever life circumstances between the feudal era and modern differences but we should cherish the dignity and remove bad evils affecting the image of women in Vietnam. No one can destroy the soul pure and noble personality of the woman, unless her own personal loss of his own virtues. So we need to connect to the tradition of the predecessors to the value of contemporary women is improved. Depending on the times that we have different moral standards for women in Vietnam but can not completely lose the good qualities such as “three accomplices” and “four virtues”.

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