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Students Number: 1711369
Module No: BMSK4006
Module Tittle: Managing Enterprise in the 21st Century
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As I have longed to be a great essay writer, I stand a very big chance of becoming one. Therefore, the purpose of this report is to reflect on the experience and skills that I have learnt and acquired during this module and in the end give the aftermath. Am proud being a student at University of Wales – Trinity Saint David and this was a thought that I never had in my entire life. Since it’s a great experience so far, I have considered it as one of my best.

Management in the 21st century involves Enterprise, skills and Entrepreneurship. This is the course that introduces one to business and for it to succeed, there are procedures that are followed. These are key that an individual who intends to invest has to follow such that in the process, he does not skip a step and by following all the necessary steps, it can lead to the success of scoring the pre-determined goal.

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Forexampla; An Idea to start business has to be formed by the business partner with an inspiration from a right source, it might be a company existing in business and then this idea introduced comes along to sustain the already existing idea. An example here might be. A car making company desires another company that makes fuel efficient for the car to move.
Burns, P, (2008). ‘Corporate entrepreneurship: building the entrepreneurship organisation’ Online. Available from:
(;ct=display;fn=search;doc=44UWTSD_ALMA21161135570002421;indx=1;recIds=44UWTSD_ALMA21161135570002421;recIdxs=0;elementId=0;renderMode=poppedOut;displayMode=full;frbrVersion=;frbg=;ac=O3%3D236%26O6%3D6%26O9%3D5%26;;dscnt=0;scpThe body of my reflective report is generated from Gibbs cycle model. I used it because it encompasses all my learning outcomes as you have to adhere “learning by doing”.
I very much respected and observed all the aspects in this model simply because whatever I experienced is in this cycle and therefore, there is repetition after completion of every stage.

The first day was not an easy one for me when I stepped at campus; looking around and finding people you have no whereabouts, what they think of you and personally what you as an individual do not know. I felt as if it was total mistreatment. Though this put me in a fix, I had a feeling that at least whatever I had come for was more than growing to achieve the best out of it. This inspired me with a sense of belief that whatever it was would still come to an end and hence repetition.
Gibbs, G, (1988). ‘Learning by doing Online. Accessed; 10 January 2001. Available from: (
I didn’t know what the course would lead me to because without introductions to different modules and again going through classes, discussions, consultations, I would completely keep lost as I could not tell what the coming days of a person who involves him/ herself in business would be like if he never followed the right procedures and training. The Orientation of what we as students under gone made me feel at home and as if I was already successful before completion of the programme.
In class, we were given a task of coming up with a business plan.
And in addition to the above, a business plan is a procedure that all business starters should have to enable their business success.

In group discussions that I attended, life got hardened the more. I and my group members had lots of queries with the discussion question of designing a project plan.
We wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what the question wanted and the right procedure to attempting it. We got lost in the first place as one of the members misguided us pretending had presented before and knew what was involved in presenting. I got so confused because we had lost a lot of time and remember we had nothing written down on papers as a right guide for the presentation and whatever that we were in was nothing but a mess.
In a group of four, we were therefore able to design a tittle and again show clearly how and what the business prospects were. In a group, each one came up with a tittle from which we decided to use one that we selected (Supreme Care Agency). We split the processes that were involved in the managing process (Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling). We fairly shared the processes for the presentation, made enough research and our presentation came out a success.

Completing assignment format was another step that seemed hard for me simply because we shared stages of information that we were supposed to portray. Compiling notes from different sources was not an easy task. I really hustled to come up with a piece of presentation that I was supposed to give and this made me believe I could do better than what I had because all I contributed was considered relevant to the topic.

On the last day that we were given to present our business and its plan, a member who had taken up a piece of information to present was absent. We struggled as much as possible to make sure that all the information was to be presented even though a member was missing. Now connecting the whole was not as simple as it would have been but I and the group members discussed details fully and we presented successfully.

From the above course, I have been able to learn most of the things and I expect to employ skills attained and be a better employer or employee as expressed below;
I have learnt that it is difficult to identify gaps before paying attention to necessary details with pre-requisites on becoming a professional. I learnt that communication as a skill governs all other skills because to ensure excellent performance, operation and delivery for success, communication has to be effective. It rounds up on all the phases of business enterprises for example; communication cuts across departments and if it is observed attentively it can gain a firm greater good positioning in the market.

Kuhn, T., Ashcraft, K.,Cooren,F. (2017). ‘The Work of Communication. New York: Routledge. Online. Accessed; 22nd June 2017. Available from: (
I have been greatly inspired to think beyond, throughout my assignments, course works, discussions in groups and consultations. I have critically sharpened my analysis skills and this has continuously helped me learn to ask myself “why” on many different levels challenging my self-digging into text as deeply as possible and unpacking every detail to develop a satisfying close read.

Sethu, S, Griffiths S (2018). ‘Entrepreneurial education is needed, Confessions of an enterprise teaching addict’ Online. Accessed 4 May 2018. Available from: ( 2018/abstracts/entrepreneurship-education-is-it-needed-confessions-of-an-enterprise-teaching-addict/)
As a student, I have acquired skills in mobilisation and therefore it is important because networking and socially relating to members of my group and other groups has helped me to do comparison upon accomplishing group work, individual assignments and my own work. It entailed me in complete participation with emphasis mostly on following up with the work course of which I had to complete hook or crook success was already enabled. This channelled my thinking as well as I have no any exception of excuses.

Quinlan, M. (2018). ‘The Origins of Worker Mobilisation. New York: Routledge. Online. Accessed; 13 November 2017. Available from: (
I have as well gained report generating skills where paraphrasing is a factor to base on when coming up with your own piece of work. This has helped me to learn crediting authors and other sources like the magazines, newspapers, journals from which I do the reading. I have learnt how to use different features in Microsoft Office Applications like selecting font types, font sizes, line spacing and paragraph spacing, use of different alignments while paragraphing, proofreading and mastering a key board to enter data into the computer thus completing my entire piece of work.
Miracky,J.(2003). Regenerating the Novel. New York: Routledge. Online. Accessed; 13 September 2013. Available from: (
My thoughts are now able to be more proactive because I have learned how to sustain and expound a logical argument in an organised manner. I have acquired a skill of multitasking in fields of entrepreneurial, marketing, data entering, research etc. With all the above I stand a chance to employ all in the course of programme completion and employment acquisition.

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In addition therefore, it is known that where there is a good thing, there lies a negative side of it. I faced a number of challenges while studying this module as below;
Writing was one of my weaknesses simply because it was challenging to take that initial step past high school. Constructing an essay with more than six giant paragraphs, I never believed that it needed critical thinking throughout the generated ideas and needs to be given enough time. This has drastically taken my writing to a new level because I am able to connect back with my initial insights marked on the guidelines. Better to have writing and summary noting skills because at any one time, you find it necessary at all levels.

Rose,E.(1999). Meeting the Challenge. New York: Routledge. Online. Accessed; 11 January 2013. Available from: (https://www-taylorfrancis
The other challenge was short notes compilation during class time. This was my very big challenge because the tutor would move at a pace that could not allow me to write down everything from the slides that were presented. I would be left out and behind all the time. This made me loose guts and I started thinking that may be the programme was not the right choice that I made. I asked myself why others made it and I could not. I had to devise means on how to catch up with the rest simply because I sacrificed my entire life to move up the academic ladder of knowledge. During Class time, I concentrate and at least make my short summaries from what the tutors present on the presentation slides and I make sure that I follow up when reading and researching in my own reserved time.

Keith, L. (Ed.). (1996). Compilation of EPA’s Sampling and Analysis Methods. Boca Raton: CRC Press. Online. Accessed; 11 January 2013. Available from: (
Assignment presentation was another challenge. To be sincere here, I had never presented like I did when we were told to. I had no confidence, panicked and I could hardly breath, one of the students whose name I can’t disclose, oriented me before we presented and equipped me with the skills, she told me to master my presentation piece, focus and then not allow any one disorganise me when presenting, she told me to allow question but after presenting. I followed this procedure of presentation, explaining point by point, giving relative examples and sticking to the presentation keys that I was told. It was not an easy task as well but I made sure that cubed every ones attention, made everyone understand and in the end, at least I was able to bring my presentation part to an end. I was not considered the best, but in my heart I was happy having thought I would never present. This remarkably made me believe in everything that what I do, I do it not for anyone else but to bring out the best in me.

Going business is the only way, in life there are lots of experiences and these are repetitive. What I have come to believe and as well consider the most of it is getting involved in business. Once one plans upon a business, estimates the objectives, starting capital, and expenditures involved, output and then expected benefits. This would help the employer in achieving the expected objective of starting the business.

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