UNIT GC3 THE HEALTH AND Candidate report template SAFETY PRACTICAL APPLICATION Student number 00438745 Location PROdairy Pvt Ltd

UNIT GC3 THE HEALTH AND Candidate report template SAFETY PRACTICAL APPLICATION Student number 00438745 Location PROdairy Pvt Ltd

UNIT GC3 THE HEALTH AND Candidate report template SAFETY PRACTICAL APPLICATION Student number 00438745 Location PROdairy Pvt Ltd, 175 Munhondo, Ruwa Zimbabwe Date of review 12 /09 /2018 Introduction I carried out this Health and Safety inspection was carried on the 12th of September 2018 from 0900hrs to 1000hrs at PROdairy Pvt Ltd plant. PROdairy plant is one of the leading dairy processor company in Zimbabwe. During the time of inspection the following main activities were occurring forklift shunting and dispatch activities, cultured milk production, installation and cladding of a steam pipe, trenching 1.4m deep and 60m long and 0.5m wide trench for installation of electric cable and excavation of a place for the second boiler installation and the normal admin operations. There were three contractors onsite conducting trenching, shunting, and steam pipe installations. The scope of inspection included all the activities which were occurring on the premises, amenities, working environment and all personnel onsite. Executive Summary The inspection was aimed to identify unsafe acts and unsafe conditions which may negatively impinge on health and safety of employees, visitors and the public to cause injuries, ill-health and fatalities. The inspection also aimed at making relevant recommendations for consideration and adoption by top management to control the identified safety and health risks. This inspection identified the following serious hazards and risks poor electrical safety, poor fire management practices, inadequate machine guarding, ergonomic hazards, lack of control of hazardous work like hot work, working at height, and excavation which may lead to serious ill-health and injuries and even fatalities. The inspection noted many gross violations of legal requirements which necessitate top management to implemented recommendations herein. Top management is therefore recommended to take immediate action and provide adequate and necessary resources to rectify the identified hazards and nonconformities to promote a positive safety and health culture, and safe guard the companys moral, social and financial interests. Main findings of the inspection Poor excavation practices (Observation No 2 and 19) The inspection showed no adequate control of R J Rocke contracting company which was engaged to erect UHT milk and sterilised milk warehouse. There was no risk assessment conducted which was done for the task and underground services had not been identified. More so, tools which were used to dig had no insulation but were metal. This creates a fatal electric hazard if an electric cable is hit underground unknowingly. Moreover, there was no barricading for trenching activities which were conducted onsite. This lack of control to a hazardous work like excavation present an imminent risk of serious injuries, fractures or fatality of employees and the public passing by. Failure to provide excavation safe working environment and appropriate control measures is a serious violation of Factories and Works (Building, Structural and Excavation Work) Regulations, 1976 and C167 – Safety and Health in Construction Convention, 1988 (No.167) article 19 which requires an employer to avoid such excavation risks. Such noncompliance may result in enforcement action and civil claims by the disabled employees. The required control measure are not expensive and only requires commitment from the Engineering department. A sufficient and suitable risk assessment should be conducted for excavation before any work is started. A safe system of work including the use of an excavation permit should be adopted to make sure all excavation risks are kept under control. The resource for auctioning this are already available. Poor controls for regulation of working at height activities (Observation No 16 1 ) The inspection found out hazardous work practices and poor controls for access to working at height. Employees who were installing steam pipe line were practising sub-standard scaffolding practices. Lack of permit to work, toe boards, guard rails and competent employee to erect the scaffold present a serious risk to fall and fall injury or fatality. More so lack of proper access and egress, storage of materials on scaffolding platform, further shows how poor the controls for working at height are. This observation is also compounded by another one where a mechanical artisan who was using a defective ladder without an inspections being conducted. Poor scaffolding practices and ladders use is a violation of Factories and Works (Building, Structural and Excavation Work) Regulations, 1976 section 4 (f) and C062 – Safety Provisions (Building) Convention, 1937 (No.62) article 7,8,9 10. Immediate measures like provision of scaffold access, guard rail, and toe boards will prevent the risk of falls. All scaffolds should be controlled by a permit to work system and erected by a competent personnel. Training of employees on safe practices on ladders and scaffolds use is required. It is inadequate to rely on the contractors history of good practices. Suitable and sufficient risk assessments and method statements, competent trained employees should be provided by contractors and subcontractors. Adequate close supervision to monitor compliance to arranged compliance requirements. The recommendations require only commitment as the human resource is already there. Ladders repair by a competent person will cost USD70. Ergonomic Risks (Observation 17 4) Ergonomic hazards observed had to do with poor sitting postures and in relation to computer, and lack of sitting chairs in production for operators to periodically rest. Poor postures causes work related upper limb disorders, employee complaints, and reduce morale and productivity of employees. Adequate training and awareness on ergonomics principles should be conducted. Proper display screen equipment and chairs should be provided and the total cost is USD4500. Failure to closeout these nonconformities and hazards is a breach of the C161 – Occupational Health Services Convention, 1985 (No.161) article 5 section e i. Top management is therefore recommended to take seriously these glaring hazards to prevent chronic health illneses and future regulatory enforcement actions. Electrical safety and Machine guarding (Observation No 7) There is a very high risk of electrical shocks, and fires caused by electricity. Poor and loose connections, improper cables, and lack of adequate electrical tools inspection system makes it evident that company is not complying with the Factories and Works (Electrical) Regulations, of 1976, in terms of electrical wiring and insulation. The law requires that electrical machinery, apparatus and conductors be installed, worked, maintained and identified in a manner to prevent danger to persons and to be protected in such a manner that no injuries can be caused to any person by inadvertent contact with any portion thereof. These glaring noncompliance will need to be rectified to prevent cases of electrocution and associated liabilities. Electrical equipment with defective wiring, insulation or any other electrical problems should be marked, removed from use until it is repaired or replaced by a competent employee. Periodic inspections of not more than monthly should be conducted to proactively prevent poor electrical safety. The cost for replacing identified equipment is 50 and for inspections the human resource is already there for the implementation of the requirement. A by-passed interlocking guard system which is used by packing machine door should be restored and periodic machine inspections conducted. Fire prevention and Emergency response facilities (Observation No. 08,10,12, 13 15) The plant do not have an emergency lighting and some fire equipment like fire extinguishers and hose reel were blocked. First aid facilities keys location was not communicated and emergency safety washing facilities were are not in placed. C170 – Chemicals Convention, 1990 (No.170) article 13, section 2c and Factories and Works (General) Regulations, 263 of 1976 section 10. Emergency shower and eye wash should be provided at the chemicals storage and decanting area. Emergency response facilities should be adequate to reduce the severity of injuries and preserve life. Training on the use of facilities and awareness on response procedures should be provided. All loose connections in the plant should be dealt with and hot work activities controlled to control fire ignition sources. A permit system should be implement and training of employees on fire principles provided. Employees who smoke in the plant should be disciplined. The control measures for first aid required are low lying fruits and should be closed immediately. Foot operated emergency shower will cost USD1800 and emergency lighting for the whole plant on average will cost USD6500 and should be included in this month CAPEX adjustments. Traffic Management ( Observation 3 5) The fact that there is no segregation of pedestrians and vehicles and there is no vehicles management plan is in itself a high safety risk of employees being runover by vehicles. Immediately there should be created a temporary segregation whilst construction of physical barriers, routes marking and provision of crossing points is being done. It is crucial that site traffic is managed effectively by competent and well trained personnel. There should be well trained banksman to direct traffic, and employees should be trained on vehicles hazards, and proper use of provided pedestrians. The overloading of forklifts should not be tolerated and strict disciplinary measure should be taken. All drivers should be periodically trained on vehicles and do retest as required. Conclusions As aforementioned, hazardous work like hot work, working at height, and excavation need proper control including suitable and sufficient risk assessments, methods statement, trained and competent employees and adequate PPE/C provided for the task. The law requires that the workplace, equipment, machinery, agents, articles, and substances under the employer are safety and without risk to health and safety of employees. Many legal violations have been noted, and the employer is liable to promote social, moral and economic interests of both the company and that of employees to create a cooperative positive safety and health culture. The hazards identified constitute potential fines, prosecutions and liability civil claims which should be prevented by implementing the recommendations herein this report. Most of the inspection findings do not demand financial resources. Whilst planning to address the actions which need large financial resources within the given time frames, all low lying fruits should be grabbed and closed. The cost of not complying has far reaching consequences like loss of good will, negative safety culture which outweighs the cost of complying and other costs as aforementioned. The recommendations below outlines some compliance mechanism which should be adopted and implemented to prevent the cost of noncompliance. Recommendations RecommendationLikely resource implicationsPriorityReview datePoor excavation practices (Observation No 2 and 19) Sufficient and suitable risk assessment should be conducted for all excavation before any work is started underground services located. A safe system of work including the use of an excavation permit should be adopted to make sure all excavation risks are kept under control. Provide suitable training and excavation barricades and access control, flash lights for night visibility. Resources Required Suitable physical barriers, and flashing lights. Estimated cost 5 hours of intense training. Barricade cones USD150 Tapes USD30 Flashing beacon lights USD250 There are no major costs envisaged as the control measures are system gaps. Cable avoidance tools and plans are in place. High 13.10.18Poor controls for regulation of working at height activities (Observation No 16 1 ) All work at height should be preceded by a suitable and sufficient risk assessment. A permit to work system should ensure that scaffolds and ladders are erected and used by competent people, have adequate guard rails, toe boards, outriggers, braces, and access thereto controlled. Fall restraint devices should be provided. All employees require to be trained on safe practices on ladders and scaffolds use is required. All contractors should be periodically monitored. Resources required Proper safety harnesses with double lanyards with shock absorbers, life lines. Estimated Cost Ladder repair USD 70 Training on ladders and scaffolds 4 hrs. Safety harnesses USD 240 Vertical and horizontal life lines USD 400 High 20.09.18 13.10.18 20.09.18 Ergonomic hazards (Observation No 7) Adequate training and awareness on ergonomics principles should be provided. Suitable display screen equipment (DSE) and chairs should be provided. Resource required DSE, and chairs. Estimated costs Training 4 hrs Chairs and DSE USD4500 Annual ergonomic surveys USD1200 High 13.12.18 30.12.18 Electrical safety and Machine guarding (Observation No 6 7) Defective electrical wiring, and equipment should be removed from use, and repaired by a competent person. Periodic inspections of not more than monthly should be conducted. Restore a by-passed interlocking guard system which is used by packing machine. Resources Required New electrical cables. Estimated cost Electrical cables USD50 Human resources for inspections are already in place. High 20.09.18 Fire prevention and Emergency response facilities (Observation No. 08,10,12, 13 15) Provide emergency safety shower and eye wash and train employees on the use of facilities. Train employees on the safe use, storage and disposal of chemicals. Use permit to work system for hot work. Develop a no smoking policy. Provide easy access to first aid facilities Resources needed Foot operated emergency safety shower and eye wash, emergency lighting system. Estimated cost Foot operated emergency safety shower and eye wash USD1800 Emergency lighting system USD6500 Training of employees 4 hrs. High 13.10.18 30.03.19 18.09.18Traffic Management ( Observation 3 5) Vehicles and pedestrian segregation to be put in place using physical barriers, appropriate signage and walkways markings. Resource Pavers for walkways and barricades. Estimated cost Training and awareness 1 hour Pavers and barricades USD 5000 High 20.09.18 30.12.18 FILENAME p MERGEFORMAT TNEBOSH Guidance documentsIGC3NEWFormsGC3 Candidate report template.doc rM/K4F82yu6SXfvlITJ4lu9pDmU9uQJGhzyeDY.Bu)uVGz1Dz4jGVhB c3_5miHZQBZMHeHpnoaVO@e8yPhKBNYNu jC9Z5(qGm@cbW C-HUA
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