Types of Concept Paper Introduction

Types of Concept Paper Introduction

Types of Concept Paper

We use Concept paper to introduce a brief documents, and to explain the importance of a particular research project. Concept paper is usually requirements of every academic program. There are two kinds of concept paper namely implicit and explicit concept paper.
Implicit – implicit is, “implied or understood though not plainly or directly expressed.” Something is, therefore, implicit when it is not directly stated but is either suggested in the wording or necessary to effectuate the purpose.For example,
• There is a morality implicit in his writings.
• She implicitly said she likes white shoes by saying she likes all colors but tan.
• The writer may not have clearly or directly laid out a moral vision, but it is understood through the characters, their actions, and their experiences.
• The woman states that she likes all shoe colors but tan. While she doesn’t directly say she likes white shoes, she implicitly does because white is not tan.

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Explicit – “to fully and clearly express something, leaving nothing implied.” Something is explicit when it is cleared stated and spelled out and there is no room for confusion, as in the writing of a contract or statute. For example,
• The law was explicit in whose tax rates were to be raised.
• He said explicitly, you will not attend that concert
• In both of these examples, the word explicit is used to demonstrate something that has been clearly and unambiguously expressed or stated. There is no room for doubt because everything is clearly and directly communicated.

• This is what separates these two words. Something is implicit when it is implied but not directly stated. Something is explicit when it is directly stated and leaves no room for uncertainty.
Its not about how you introduce your research paper, as long as you delivered convincingly to the audience, its enough




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