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language go through this process every day. Secondly

language and layout are two key assets used by poets for effect. In Lawerence Ferlinghetti’s “Two Scavengers in A truck Two beautiful people in Mercedes” explores the difference in wealth amongst people in American society. Firstly Ferlinghetti uses the structural pattern of enjambment for effect. The reader establishes the enjambment is used to portray the cyclical process of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

The poet uses one stanza for the layout. This allows the poet to create a vignette with which the reader can visualise the social inequality amongst the two sets of people. Grungy for their route”.

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The poet’s use of language shows the bin men’s boring and hard lifestyle. It shows the position in the hierarchy of these two individuals in the society is very low. The word “grungy” is an adjective describing the bin men’s attitudes towards work. They are very tired and go through this process every day. Secondly Ferlinghetti uses the linguistic technique of an oxymoron to portray the effect of social inequality. The poet presents the rich women’s dress style as “casually coifed”.

This provides the reader with a vivid description of how the rich people dress.The linguistic imagery provided by the poet provides the reader with an insight into how high the position of these people is in the hierarchy. The words coifed shows the beautiful way the woman has styled her hair and how her wealth provides to have these fantastic facilities.

The poet creates this juxtaposition nature between these two sets of people. The scavengers are described as “grungy” while the rich people are “hip”. There are stark contrasts between these two sets of people and through the use of the poet’s language and layout the poet can convey this effect.

The girl in the poem doesn’t quite know what to think about the presents.The way she describes them makes them sound beautiful peacock-blue and glistening like an orange split open but also slightly dangerous, because the bangle ‘drew blood’, and she felt ‘aflame’ when she put them on. They make her feel ‘alien in the sitting room’, when your sitting room should be where you feel at home. The clothes remind her that she is ‘half-English’, which makes her feel uncomfortable. At the same time, she says the clothes are ‘radiant in the wardrobe’ – even though she isn’t wearing them, they seem full of light and beauty compared with her other things.She is drawn to the rich colours, the same as she is drawn to her mother’s jewellery and her parents’ camel-skin lamp marvel at the colours like stained glass She realises that all this is part of her own family’s past, and another side of her identity.

At the end of the poem, she tries to imagine how it might have been if she’d lived in Lahore instead, and wonders would she have been more or less at home in the other half of her background? The poem, ‘Presents from My Aunts in Pakistan’, appears to be about a young girl, half English, half Pakistani, talking about clothes she received as presents from her aunts, who live in Pakistan.What the poem is really exploring, though, is the poet’s views on Pakistani and English culture and how she fits into one, both or neither of these cultures. A society’s culture is made up of many things such as the food we eat, the music we listen to and how we dance, as well as our traditions to name just a few, but clothing is also a very important part of a society’s culture. In this poem, the poet uses clothes as a symbol to represent both the Pakistani and British culture.

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