In mean that the violence on television is

In mean that the violence on television is

In todays society, television violence harmfully affects the minds of children. However, it doesnt mean that the violence on television is the only source for bad behavior, but it does largely contribute to the situation (Szaflik). For instance, the variety of television programming, which permeates violence, is sitcoms, commercials, and cartoons. Also, the many video games and toys marketed towards the violence learned by to children. Television is a powerful influence in developing values and shaping behavior in children (Szaflik). Even though the intention of many programs isnt to teach violence, kids are learning because they are visual learners, they model both positive and negative behavior they see (Walsh & Beckman). Television is more visual, and passive.

It is a solo activity that is usually done without the parent sharing the experience. Since children are visual learners, they model many types of behaviors they see. Children watching violent television shows view the acceptance of aggressive behavior, even if this aggressive behavior is performed by the good guys (Beckman). Children are being taught that the way to resolve conflicts is through fighting.

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Children learn through observing and imitating what they see or what they are shown. Children do not have the knowledge to know right from wrong or fantasy from reality. They lack the experience and judgment to be able to evaluate what they have seen. They believe it is acceptable to use violence in a difficult matter. For example, when children watch the superheroes beating the villains with violence, they learn that fighting is the preferred method of conflict of resolution (

html). The television teaches kids to punch and kick their way through conflict resolution. For example: In television shows such as Mighty Morphin Powers Ranger, X-men, Buffy, Simpsons, Smackdown, etc. The characters are shown karate-chopping and high-kicking the air.

However, I dont think the characters realize the effect they are giving to children. Kids are becoming immune to the horror of violence. They gradually accept violence as a way to solve problems.

They also imitate the violence they observe on television. For example, an eight-year old boy was injured on the playground as a result of a classmates attempt to mimic a wrestling maneuver commonly seen on television show known as The Tombstone.Then someone tripped him and as he tried to get up, another child picked him up by his legs so that he was upside down, and then slammed his head on the ground (http://www.parenthoodweb.

com) (Brossette). Bibliography:

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