TUTOR REPORT Introduction The application of electrical science in the field of industrial and residential uses contributed to the rapid transfer in the evolution of human life

TUTOR REPORT Introduction The application of electrical science in the field of industrial and residential uses contributed to the rapid transfer in the evolution of human life

The application of electrical science in the field of industrial and residential uses contributed to the rapid transfer in the evolution of human life. Rapid advances in electricity technology have led to changes in both the industrial and social spheres. The multiple and astonishing uses of electricity as a source of energy have demonstrated their potential for use in a wide range of applications such as transportation, heating, lighting, communications and arithmetic. The basis of modern industrial society depends on the use of electric power and it can be predicted that reliance on electricity will continue in the future.

The content of the report discusses one of the most important sources activities and strength of life… Electricity.

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Due to the importance of electricity and the importance of its continuity, and in terms of the status of consumers to provide electricity, and to avoid the reasons that turn it , and how to solve the problems faced by the company responsible for providing it … Saudi Electricity Company.
The report contains the main sections starting with the tutor report, which contains sequential paragraphs , then the client report which contains recommendations to the company, and the last part ,project log , include weekly summary and over all summary.

Project goals
To find solutions that will help the company to develop solutions to the problems of consumers, and to provide some ways to strengthen and strengthen the company’s position locally and regionally. The situation is applied according to what was studied in the course T306a;b.

Figure 2: https://arabic.arabianbusiness.com/content/345603 BECM
The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) was established by the Royal Decree in December 1999 and incorporated all local companies operating in the field of providing electrical services in one entity, from its branches ( National Grid SA, Dawiyat Telecom Co ,Electricity Sukuk Company ,Saudi Electricity Global SUKUK Company 2,Arabian Electrical Transmission Line Construction Company ,Hajr Electricity Production Company,Saudi Electricity Company for Projects Development., Saudi Electricity Global SUKUK Company 3). The Saudi Electricity Company has a monopoly in transportation and distribution throughout the Kingdom. Is responsible for the majority of generating capacity in the Kingdom. The Saudi Electricity Company also adopts government initiatives in the electricity sector, such as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Interconnection Authority and the proposed interconnection with the Arab Republic of Egypt.

It is the largest economy in the GCC and among the top 20 economies in the world. The company is the main producer of electricity and sole owner of the network of transmission and distribution throughout the Kingdom and serves all types of consumers. It provides its services to various governmental, industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential sectors
Aramco is the parent company. Aramco supplies the electric company with the source for the production of electric energy, which is used for the production of electric power and desalinated water. The natural gas is 50.7%, followed by crude oil 24.2% 16.5 percent, and finally diesel as the lowest fuel used by 8.6 percent CITATION Ara171 l 1033 (Agencies, 2017).

Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest crude exporter, burns about 700,000 bpd of oil used to power power plants in the hot summer months of May to August.

The main activities of the company consist of electricity generation, transmission and distribution. Its organizational structure includes major electrical regulatory activities (work units) engaged in generation, transmission, distribution, customer services, joint regulatory activities and support: finance, engineering and projects, human resources, public services , Planning and performance monitoring, research and development… CITATION Sau18 l 1033 (Saudi Electricity Company)
Figure 3: https://www.se.com.sa/fuel/login.aspx
The company is a “hybrid” between the private and government sectors. Although it is a company, it provides its services as a government agency. The philosophy of companies is that the customer service is a right of its rights and customer satisfaction is one of the most important fundamentals of the business. Electricity is a company, but it works with the philosophy of some government agencies, take the corresponding services, and does not compensate the customer for repeated mistakes.

  Today, the electricity cuts have increased and the monthly bills have increased for the citizen who suffers from increasing power cuts without convincing reasons. Continuous and frequent disruptions cause damage to the equipment and sometimes lead to a fire. Mahayel Asir power station is one of the worst power plants in the Kingdom. Rain or wind break the current for a day or two, lacking ways of adapting to climatic difficulties.
 With the use of the traditional method of meter reading, where electronic counters have not yet been applied, the company finds it very difficult to read the counters of about 9 million subscribers per month, and the problem increases in the summer holidays, as well as older counter and maintenance and thus contribute Possibility of faulty reading and high bills.

Saudi Electricity Company is specialized in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity.
It is the only company that provides power supply to some 30 million people , yet the company complains of losses and deficits .Its services to various governmental, industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential sectors.

But ,the biggest problems are suffers of frequent and sudden power cuts, problems with backup power transformers, breakdowns in power generating equipment and distribution networks, the aging of generators and the expiry of their operating life, the lack of adaptation of some generation plants such as Mahayel Asir and the difficulty of reading meters using traditional methods Causing errors.

Here , the problems are represented of the performance and management of the company and its negative impact on consumers.

As a practitioner of systems I see the appropriate way to apply is SSM .

Soft Systems Methodology: its attempts to foster learning and appreciation of the problem situation between a group of stakeholders rather than set out to solve a pre-defined problem CITATION Che18 l 1033 (Checkland and Scholes (1990)). 

Figure 4: https://is.theorizeit.org/wiki/Soft_systems_theoryStage 1: The problem situation unstructured
This first stage display the general idea about the opportunities or problems that company faced in its current status.

The Saudi Electricity Company Holding Company relies on the production of electrical energy on the main source of natural gas and oil only for power generation (these sources are pulsating sources , despite the availability of natural resources and non-exploitation). Consumers suffer from a number of problems, frequent and sudden power failures, high bills. Also ,there are problems with backup power transformers, power generation equipment disrupted and distribution networks, generator aging, operational deadlines, lack of adaptability of some generating plants and difficulty reading meters using traditional methods that cause Errors.

Saudi Electricity Company Spray Diagram of
Multi cause diagram of Saudi Electricity Holding Company
System Map Diagram of Saudi Electricity Holding Company
Influence Diagram of Saudi Electricity Holding Company
Influence Diagram of Saudi Electricity Holding Company
Stage 2: Rich pictures, issues and primary tasks
In Rich picture , it show the company field , its aims and the issues that faced it .

A Rich Picture is a way to explore, acknowledge and define a situation and express it through diagrams to get a preliminary mental model. Its helps to open discussion and come to a broad, shared understanding of a situation CITATION Ric18 l 1033 (Rich Pictures).
Primary Tasks :
The company’s main activities are : generation, distribution, customer services, transportation ,finance, projects, human resources, general services, supply and contracts ,public affairs, research and development .

The electricity generation is the main activity of the company , its provide sufficient electrical energy to consumers throughout the Kingdom ,and also provide the GCC countries .
The problem involves two aspects, consumers, where the consumer suffers from frequent power outages and high bills. On the other hand, in company’s policy in several areas ,the lack of continuous maintenance of the generation equipment for some areas, the difficulty of reading meters in traditional ways despite the population density and growing and economic development, which Helps in high loads on power generators and thus high voltage stress which may cause a fire. Also, the depletion of resources in large quantities in order to save energy besides uses is important for oil without resorting to the use of sustainable natural resources such as solar, wind and water .

Figure 10 : Rich pictures of Saudi Electricity Company
Stage 3: Relevant systems and their root definitions
Relevant systems who is the implement managers of Saudi Electricity Company.

The purpose is apply some systems and polices to achieve the target, which may apply with activities are possible and available.

The root definition specifies ,what is transformed by whom and for what purpose. It show by the mnemonic CATWOE list:
C Customer Include all those who benefit from the electricity company (administration, employees, citizens).

A Actors Who will carry out the activities of this system .The management of the Saudi Electricity company.

T Transformation The process of converting electricity with highly efficient to consumers.

W World view world view ,how can Saudi Electricity Company provide good services and avoid repetition power outages and high billing costs.

O Owner Owners ,they are the government, Aramco and the Saudi Electricity Holding Company.

E Environmental What are the external constraints.. exhaustion of the energy source with time (gas), saving energy with population growth without problems.

Stage 4: Provide a national medical program Conceptual models.

256540043897555.. Develop a scale to determine the ability
005.. Develop a scale to determine the ability
308800558997856. Increased generating capacity
006. Increased generating capacity
119824534474154. Periodic maintenance
004. Periodic maintenance
48958515621003. Use the Technology
003. Use the Technology
328295024701502. Research and development
002. Research and development
26231857651751. Staff development programs
001. Staff development programs
Figure 11
Stage 5: Comparison model with rich of conceptual picture.

Model Present Real World Situation? Comments
Include on Agenda
1) Staff development programs Yes To improve performance efficiency, production efficiency and employee safety.

2) Research and development Could be To creation of non-oil sources as a source of energy supply, such as solar and wind power, where the Kingdom is characterized by a high climate helps to provide this source significantly and also the use of nuclear energy .

3) Use the technology to read the counters
No As the population is increasing, reading manual meters is a traditional method, using technology will facilitates the process.

4) Periodic maintenance No Periodic maintenance of all electricity meters, generation stations and transportation .Its lack of periodic maintenance policy, the provision of this contributes to the absence of errors and the high bills to consumers and thus preserve their rights.

5) Develop a scale to determine the ability and level of electricity use. No Contributes to avoid the rise of the electricity filter, which causes damage to the devices and sometimes to the fire.

6) Increased generating capacity No As part of the development plan and Vision 2030,and the population expansion , requires increasing the generation capacity to respond to the future loads and the supply of residential neighborhoods .. in addition to provide an emergency reserve in case of disruption due to the natural accidents of some areas especially the south.

Stage 6: Debate with stakeholders involved in the situation should be debated
In this stage will discussed some suggestion with stakeholders that assume contributed to solve the complaint of affected consumers, some of them:
Increasing electrical generation capacity to counter future loads by providing stations with sustainable sources of energy such as solar energy. The Kingdom has vast desert areas, in addition to a climate rich in solar energy throughout the year, thus having an abundance of energy reserves. As well as the possibility of turning to nuclear energy to comply with safety requirements.

Annual maintenance for each of the:
A) Electricity meters “Consumers”, to ensure the safety of reading electricity consumption bills and thus eliminate complaints.

B) Transmission and generation stations, where some stations are exposed to some natural accidents, causing power outages due to the weak carrying of these stations.

Develop a scale to determine the ability and level of electricity use, contributes to avoid the rise of the electricity filter, which is causes damage to the devices and sometimes to the fire.

Stage 7: Implementation of agreed changes.

Application some suggestions which are:
Change in structure: changes in infrastructure as a partnership with foreign companies that assist in the provision and construction of solar stations.

Changes in procedures: introduction of R & D programs with a view to creating sustainable energy.

Policy changes: develop policies consistent with development and vision 2030 by providing generation plants to meet future loads.

Changes in attitudes: change in receiving and meeting customer needs.


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