Truong Nguyen Professor Gallamore HUM 2143-MR01S 12 May 2018 Creative Project Rhin The idea of hero has been existed for many years and there are a lot of people familiar with the term “hero”

Truong Nguyen Professor Gallamore HUM 2143-MR01S 12 May 2018 Creative Project Rhin The idea of hero has been existed for many years and there are a lot of people familiar with the term “hero”

Truong Nguyen
Professor Gallamore
HUM 2143-MR01S
12 May 2018
Creative Project
The idea of hero has been existed for many years and there are a lot of people familiar with the term “hero”. There are hundreds and maybe thousands of stories of heroes who have passed from generations to generations. From ancient Greece, Rome, and other regions around the world. For example: Gilgamesh, Hercules, Beowulf, and Odysseus, these characters are often referred to as classical heroes because their stories were around for thousands of years and most of the time they are either gods or sons of gods. Although they are great gods and heroes, there is greatest hero that everyone must know about, his name is Rhin.

Rhin came from a very poor family in South America. During his mom pregnancy his family was facing a very difficult time because there was a huge war going on between the Nutan and Mung. Rhin’s father Bia was an alcoholic, and he never take care of the family. Not only that Cia who was Rhin’s mother always the one who has to take care of Bia and herself during pregnancy. Unlike any other kids in the village, Rhin was born within only 12 months of pregnancy, and whenever he was born, his feet came out before his head did. During the birth of Rhin, Cia didn’t get hurt or feel anything, but somehow after that she was never able to get pregnant again, so Rhin became Bia’s and Cia’s only child.
Because the family was so poor, they had to face hunger as it was something evil. That was why Cia named her own child Rhin and hope that one day she would be living in wealth without having to worry starving. But that was only Cia’s hope; -in reality, they were still poor and Cia was struggling feeding Rhin. Luckily, Rhin wasn’t like any others kids. He grew faster than anyone in the village. It only took him five weeks to get through his young age and became a grown man with his massive body. Along with that massive body was a huge black beard around his chin and long hair hanging down to his shoulders. During these five weeks, Cia always told stories about heroes to get Rhin to sleep. He keep hearing all these different stories every day and night. In time the idea of becoming a hero stuck in his mind and he really wanted to be like one of those in his mother’s stories.
As he was a grown up man, he knew that his village was in danger because enemy attacked almost every part of his kingdom. Capturing Rhin’s live in was just a matter of time. He thought to himself that it is time to fight to get his village back and become one of those heroes in stories that he listened to in the first two weeks after his birth. With courage and patience, Rhin practicing using his bow and swords five days and nights without stopping. Rhin then accepted a blacksmith named Ren to became his master since Ren was the one who made a pair of swords named Guom, a bow named Kung and gave advice to Rhin about how to effectively practice to master his skill with these two weapons.
At this point, King An, a very righteous king was very disappointed because he knew the end would come to his land, and the kingdom would end in the hands of enemy who was the Mung. He heard rumors about this unusual birth of Rhin, how strong he was and also how hard he practiced to prepare for this war. So King An gave an order out to his servants telling them to bring him Rhin and hope that Rhin along with his army would come together and fight this war to an end. Soon after that, Rhin showed up at the castle with his giant massive body along with a shiny, black bow and a pair of swords hanging down beside his hip. The King then started the conversion:
“Who are you and why are you so audaciously walking in my castle without my permission ?”
“Please forgive me for my disrespectfulness, I came here not to make war but instead to help you win the war!” Rhin said while he kneeled down.

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“You must be Rhin! The one that had grown in only five weeks and successfully mastered in using bow and swords within five days. Stand up, if you will, Rhin! I have heard a lot about you and I do not believe in the rumors I have heard, but it seems like I have no other choice than to give you all my trust. I would like to see your skill and how strong you are. I will give you five thousands greatest warriors, and you may lead them however you wish to win this war. If you win, then I will marry my daughter Nita to you, and in additional of my king ship since I am old and I do not have enough energy to rule the kingdom any longer. So show me what you have, and soon this kingdom and my daughter will also be yours!”
“If I could have thousands of your greatest warriors then I will surely win this war. I promise to bring glory and peace to this kingdom. So let be it,” Rhin said, “I will take your five thousand greatest warriors and head to war as soon as they are ready. But I have one little request, for my mom was too old and I love her more than anybody else; I dare not leaving her in her old age and came to rule this kingdom. I wish to be back home to take care of her after I win this war. As for the marriage of your daughter, I will let her decide if she will accept me, for my family was very poor and I fear that it will be difficult for her since she has living in wealth for most of her life.”
“Do whatever you wish to but first, you have to win this war first before you go back home with your mother or even think about marry my daughter.”
After the end of the conversation between the King with Rhin; -Rhin headed out to war with other five thousand greatest warriors. He was the first one who rode on a horse with his bow already strained and ready to let the arrow go. He stand on his own strong and brave, facing thousand of other great enemies without fear. He stay calm and every single arrow he shoot out kill no less than five enemy. Within only five hours, he and the five thousand greatest warriors had fought strongly against fifty thousand enemies and pushed them back to retreat. Rhin won the war with glory and not a single warrior from Rhin’s side had been injured of died. He headed back to the king and ask An to let him go back to his home to take care for his mom.
As for the marriage Lina, who was the daughter of King An accepted Rhin as a husband and the marriage would happened in the next few days after Rhin come back to his home. On the day of marriage, Lina kept waiting and waiting for Rhin to come. King An was also thrilled so he sent some of his servants to come find Rhin. But whenever they arrived at Rhin’s house; all they saw was the two graves named Cia and Bia in the backyard of the house. At for Rhin, no one in the village had seen him since the war was over. There were still some stories about Rhins saying that he will continue to ride on his horse to help other. Some says that he, together with his weapons ride on his horse fled into the cloud and disappeared.

Throughout this story, Rhin has left to the people a very value lesson. He did show how strong, brave and loyal he was throughout the story. At first he showed his strength when he patiently practiced his skills and fought against fifty thousand other warriors. He also showed how loyal he was to his family by asking King An to come back to his home after the kingdom is in peace. Last but not least he demonstrated bravery when fighting against enemies that were ten times larger than total warriors he has. After his disappearance, people learned a lot from him like how to be brave, how to have confidence and how to believe in themselves. In addition, Rhin worked really hard to save his people, but no one knew where he was after the war was over.


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