Travel or Travelling defines as movements between areas of folk’s men

Travel or Travelling defines as movements between areas of folk’s men

Travel or Travelling defines as movements between areas of folk’s men, and women. Travel can be done by several methods. You can travel by cars, trains, boats, bicycles, vessels, motorboats, airplanes, and buses with or without luggage and can be one or two ways. This research will discuss three main points about travelling. Causes and traveling factors, traveling culture, and general benefits, health and life and health insurance.

There are various reasons that make people use different ways to go all around the world. For instance, recreation, tourism, touring, information gathering, and going to browsing people, travel for treatment, charity volunteer, commuting, business and trade, and other reasons such as to gain health care or waging for the excitement from travel. Relaxation, discovery, and pleasure are the reasons why people getting motivated to travel. Also, getting to know others cultures and traditions, Taking personal time for building interpersonal associations or human relationships and communications.

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Having exciting times and fun isn’t the only reason why people are going to other countries in all over the world. There are many advantages associated with traveling for physical, mental, and emotional. In this research we will discuss and verified the most important benefits of travelling. Travelling around can choose your much health better. A Research has made in an international university shows that travelling preserve your health. This research results on women shows that if they travel at least two times will show more suffering from various diseases in heart, thoughts and bodies more than those who travel more than six times a year. The same result was true and approved for men also. Second, travel makes you stress lower. Although your stress level maybe decreased if you flight or dropped you luggage in different country. Travelling must be resulted to reduce the stress. Another research shows that people after coming back from a travel by three days and a night less feeling of stress, more relax, better disposition, and more comfy. Third, travel can improve your creativity. Some researchers made an experience about travel. It shows that if travelling to foreign countries increase both overall flexibility and deep thinking. Also it raise the ability to make good connections between people. Travelling only is itself is not enough to gain the advantages, the professor findings showed that international travelers need to know about enjoying or engaging. The most important point is reading about the various cultures and adaption with different people throughout the world. “Someone who lives abroad and does not engage build relationships the local culture will likely get less of a creative increase than someone who journeys abroad and really activates in the local environment. ” He said. Reference: (skillstourism. com. au).

Additionally, travel can increase your satisfactions and happiness. The majority of people wished to be more happy and more comfortable when they’re traveling and don’t have to get worried about their works. However, one of the more interesting studies shows that just arranging a trip can makes you feel a lot better. Also, travel can low your depression probabilities. Unfortunately the depression is a major problem in the world nowadays. It’s common for doctors to see millions of people having depression problems in daily bases. However, depression issues have an alternatives and healthier solutions than giving medications. Travel is one of these solutions as research shows. Another result was summarized which described that the women who travel at least two times each year are less likely to suffer from depression and chronic stress than that women who travel less than two times a year. After all this benefits of travelling it’s your choice to decide where to travel and visit new places you have not visited before.

A large number of places across the world are worth visiting and study about their interesting civilizations and people. Below are a few recommendations that should be on your plan: London eye in London, UK, Cape Town in South Africa, Aukland in newzeland and in Oman there are numerous places to visit like Salalah, Nizwa, Matrah, Sur… etc.

Travelling history is dated returning to the old times or ages where wealthy Greeks and Romans who would travel for enjoying their times in their summer homes and villas in metropolitan areas such as Pompeii and Baiae. Traveling at that times were slower, more dangerous and more interested by trade and immigrations, cultural and technology improvements over many years have to cause making travel today much simpler and more accessible.

Also travel has become a long way in transportation sine the time of Christopher Columbus sailed to the new world from Spain in 1942 to the United States, an exploration which took over ten several weeks to reach at the ultimate destinations in the twenty first century where aircrafts allowed travelling from The country of Spain to the United States overnight.

In the sixteenth century travel become fashionable and life style for young European and wealthy upper class men and women to travel to European cities and countries as a part of their culture and education studies in the arts and culture studies. This was known as the Grand Tour. It is included big cities like London, Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome. After that the French revolution brought with it the end of the Grand Tour.
Travelling by water was another famous thing about travelling in the past. It was often provided more comfortable times and speed than traveling by land in the nineteenth century. Travelling for the purpose of tourism was started around this time when people began to travel for joy and fun and no longer a hard and challenging task. Then, Airships and airplanes were discovered and took much of the role for travelling of long-distance in the 20th century.

Travel can local or international. Some people prefer local and others prefer international travel. For many, international travelling is not a big threat. Nowadays you can use many tools that makes travel much easier and less costly. For example, social media, tourism agents and google earth so people can get a general idea about the places and cultures. You have plan well before travelling to anywhere in the world to gain a health and joy benefits.
Oman tourism is improving since 2010 after the creative vision about the tourism future of Oman and to enhance the Omani economics. Omani tourism statistics showed that tourists arrivals in Oman decreased to 305 thousands in January from 308 thousands in December of 2017. Tourist arrivals in Oman averaged in about 254.5 thousand from 2015 until 2018. It was about 436 thousands in August of 2016 and record low of 123 thousands in June of 2016 as shown in the chart below. Ministry of tourism is working todays to improve the tourism sector in Oman to serve all categories and to enhance the economics of Oman.

Ref:, this research discuss about three main points about travelling. Reasons that makes people travel and what motivate them to travel. Health and general benefits that we can gain in travelling locally or internationally. Last point focus on the history of travelling since the 21 century and coming days and the different between past and present. It is recommended that you plan to travel for the local areas first then you go for the international to gain the travel reasons and motivation as mentioned in the research.


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