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An overview…

• Mount E’mei , located in E’mei city more than 100 kilometre southwest of Chengdu, Sichuan.
• It is about 3,100m above the sea level.
• The Mount E’mei is reputed as “The most beautiful mountain under heaven” for its majesty and beauty.
• Mount Emei is one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains in China.
• The other three Buddhist mountains are the Wutai Mountain in Shanxi, The Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang and The Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui.
• As Buddhism flourished in China in the second century, more and more temples built on Mount E’mei.
• In the sixth century, it became a national Buddhist sanctuary. Over the past centuries, every year pilgrims have been visiting the mountain for their worship.
• The famous Baoguo Monastery and the Fuhu Monastery are situated at the foot of the mountain.
• The Wannian Monastery, The Qingyin Pavilion, The Xixiang Monastery and so on dot the sheer cliffs or lovely valleys while the Woyun Nunnery sits on the peak of the mountain {“The Golden Summit”} .
• It is said that Mount Emei used to be the area where Samanthabadra, one of the disciples of Sakyamuni, practised religious rites. Therefore, the temple on the mountain mainly serves to worship Samanthabadra.
• In the Wannian Monastery, there is a giant bronze statue of Samanthabadra riding on a white elephant.
• Many historical and religious treasures such as scriptures , relics, calligraphy and paintings, tablets and inscribed boards are preserved in the temples here.
• In addition to its attraction as a Buddhist sanctuary , Mount Emei is worth visiting for its natural beauty. Here we can found precipitous cliffs, clear wells and springs, crystal water and falls, spectacular caves, virgin forests, beautiful sunrise and sunset, precious species of plants and animals, Buddha light , seas of clouds, and mischievous monkeys.
• The major scenic goal of Chinese hikers is to witness the sunrise and sunset over the sea of clouds at the Summit.
• In some rare afternoons there is a phenomenon known as Buddhas Aureole where rainbow rings , produced by refraction of water particles, attach themselves to a person’s shadow in a cloud bank below the Summit.
• So far as wildlife is concerned, Mount Emei is a rich natural museum. Here exists some 3000 species of plants including precious dove trees and firs , and more than 60 varieties of Azalea. The rare animals found here including lesser pandas, silver pheasants, faded-leaf butterflies and bearded frogs.
• The most attractive feature of Mount Emei is the monkeys. They come and go on the winding corridors of the temples or on the small paths in the woods near the Jiulao Caves and the Xixian Monastery. The monkeys chase each other, beg for food from trespassers and play with them.
• To be true, it is one of the most impressive experiences for tourists to Mount Emei.



• I had been to Emeishan twice during last year, as a part of my field trip conducted by the school as well as with my friend and really found this mountain amazing. During my visit, the whole mountain was full of snow and the scenic view was really beautiful and worth the visit . The temperature at the higher altitudes of the mountain was less than was negative eight degrees.

How to get there:

• From Chengdu we can take both bus or a bullet train to reach Emeishan. Once we reach Emeishan, we will go to a bus station specially for reaching the Mount Emei tourist destination. This bus bring us to a bus terminal at Mount Emei. From there, the hiking starts to reach the cable car station which lasts for less than 15 minutes. After 3 minutes of walk, we will reach another cable car which head us towards the Golden Summit. At Golden Summit, we will see a 48m gold statue of Buddha with 10 faces riding four white elephants.


• Please take a cable car up the mountain and don’t think of saving this money on cable car as you need a lot more energy to walk further up the mountain.
• When you reach a certain altitude, we will start to feel breathless due to lack of oxygen. It is very important that you hold on and rest in between or else you might faint halfway.
• If you are bringing elderly people or young children, please DONOT select winter time as it is extremely dangerous as the floor are very slippery.
• You need to go up to the mountain very early in the morning or else once it reach noon you will be wasting all your time and effort to go up there as it will be too foggy to see anything. Thus ,it is advisable to stay one night the day before you visit to Emeishan.
• Most of the tour packages will cover first day Leshan (The Big Buddha Statue) and the second day will head towards the Emeishan which seems to be ideal.
• There is an easier route (non slippery) to go upto the cable car station (that is the road for vehicle to go up) instead of climbing a flight of slippery stairs especially during the winter time.

• Be aware of cheating and frauds.
• The goods are too much expensive as we move on towards higher altitudes especially foods ,so remind to carry some food materials along with you while you hike.
• Most of the tourist guides will take you in a different route which is more slippery so that they wanted you to buy the hook or grass slippers for your shoes from the vendors in order to climb up the slippery stairs so that they can get the commission for themselves.
• Beware of your personal belongings like mobile phones, cameras, ornaments etc.
• Be conscious on the vendors , as they hike the price of the goods when they see foreigners which is common in almost all the tourist destinations no matter which country it belongs.
• DONOT wear bright coloured clothes as bright colours can attract the mischievous monkeys and they may tend to attack us.

My experiences

DAY 1:-

• Mount E’mei is one of my favourite places I have ever visited across India and China.
• It was my first ever time travelling in bullet train. The journey was very enthusiastic and mind blowing. It took 2 hours for the journey from Chengdu south railway station to the Emeishan city railway station. From there, we reached the Emeishan bus terminal with the help of a map and then we took the bus number 12 and reached the Emei tourists ticket counter. We resided one night downtown near the ticket booking center. At night , we explored the Emeishan city, tried different kinds of Chinese foods and made some Chinese friends. We also tried the famous Leshan BBQ’s.


• On the next day, we woke up early in the morning at 7 O’clock. Then got ready and reached the ticket booking center and took the bus tickets and the entrance tickets. While we were waiting for the bus, we bought some food to eat during the hiking as the food materials are too much expensive as we move towards the higher altitudes. In bus we took about one and a half hours to reach our destination. We were so eagerly waiting to see the snow as it is our first experience in seeing it. At last we reached a place which was totally covered by snow from where the hiking started.
• From there, it took about half an hour to reach the cable car station. We took the tickets for the cable car which can take around 100 people in one trip. Then we reached the place where the Golden Summit is situated. We took a lot of photos ,played with snow by making snowballs and hitting each other. It was really enthusiastic and amazing. We have seen so many monkeys midway and gave them food. We ate sausages, dumplings etc all through the journey.
• By evening, we started descending from the Golden Summit to the place where the hiking started. And then we took a room and stayed one night there as we were still dying to see more snow. We had a campfire at night with some Chinese friends sang songs, had dinner and enjoyed a lot.
• Next day, we left Emeishan with a handful of good memories and a mind full of grief. I miss those days we spent there and those were my best days in life. Still I am waiting for an opportunity to go there once again before I leave this beautiful country.


• I personally think that every person who lives in China should visit Emeishan at least once in their life or else it will be a great loss for them.
• Hope that those experiences I shared with you can make your trip to Emeishan a comfortable and an un-forgettable one.



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