Gender equality, it means equality between men and women, concerns about the fact that all human beings, both men and women, are able to develop their personal abilities and make choices without the limitations set by stereotypes, unnecessary gender roles and the fear of being judged. They are free to be given equal rights and equal opportunities to especially women to develop themselves and show what they are capable of. Gender equality means that the unsimilar behavior of women and men are recognized, given value and considered equally. It does not mean that women and men have to become the same, but that their rights, responsibilities and opportunities will not depend on whether they are born male or female. Gender equity means to be fair in the way of treating women and men, according to their respective needs and wants.

The United Nations International Children Emergency’s Fund defines gender equality as “means that women and men, and girls and boys, enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities and protections where no one has to be treated better than the other.

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This literature review will be basing its research on three questions which are: * Which are the effects of affirmative actions of gender equality on women in Kenya which is the cite where this study will be conducted?
*Is gender equality practiced in Africa more precisely in Kenya in increasing the women’s voice?
*Which are the effects of women empowerment in Kenya?
This research study will be conducted using the ”Survey” research design where it will be the collection of data from members of a sample in order to determine the current status of that population with respect to one or more characteristics of that population.
This research also has been conducted within a period of two weeks where it has been conducted using the ”Cluster” sampling technique which involves sampling in groups and not individuals. This study was conducted on different groups of women who work for companies possessing high positions where they tell the challenges including the gender inequality as one of them to reach in those positions that they are in.
Thesis statement: The effects of affirmative actions of gender equality on women in Kenya shows the role of women in developing their country where their ability in performing what men can do is shown through different ways like: presenting their opinion in political, economic, cultural and social spheres.

Traditional beliefs that Kenyan people have restrict girls and women in bringing their contribution to the country and help it in development. They have the desire of achieving certain goals in different domains such as the economic growth of the country, the feeding of kids and providing security of the food and we know if they were given a higher percent chances in fulfilling their goals it will be a lot helpful.

Women in Kenya are not given a high chance of participating in decision making or not even represented in decision-making places or positions. They have limited access to education, land, and employment. Those who live in rural areas spend most of their time going to fetch water or collecting firewood; which leaves them a little time to attend schools, earn some money or even engage in other productive activities.
The unused prospects of women and girls are attracting a lot of attention in Kenya. The country’s new Constitution, passed in 2010, provides a strong scheme for addressing gender equality. It marks a new beginning for women’s rights in Kenya; looking for a treatment of the traditional barring of women and raise their full participation in every aspect of growth and development. Their ideas about certain subjects need to be understood and also given the benefit of the doubt that they can be put into practice and bring some contribution to the society.

When Kenyan women are given the emancipation to reach their potential or prospective, all Kenyan families and communities will grow stronger. The United States Agency for International Development is giving the authorization women to exercise their rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.  Our collaborators are bringing the view point of women and girls and their full participation to the most influential positions and men and boys are required to show their support through that process.

The United States Agency for International Development’s programs are attaining respect for and fulfilling the rights of all Kenyans.  Our ventures are:
Generating safe communities where women and girls can live free from violence or cruelty of people;
Providing care and treatment services for victims of gender-based violence;
Reinforcing women’s access to some assets and opportunities that will allow them to share more broadly in the benefits of economic growth;
Increasing the participation of women in decision and policy-making at all levels;
Certifying women a seat at the table in peace-building, conflict prevention and alleviation; and
Decreasing gender gaps in education and learning.

Kenya is a participating country in USAID’s Women and Girls Lead Global Partnership.  This energetic media campaign is licensing women to play a supreme role in realizing the promise of the 2010 Constitution.

The affirmative actions of gender equality on women in a political perspective based on the 11th parliament, there is a little improvement on women representation in parliament, such that, there is an increase from 9.8% of 10th parliament, to 19%represention of women parliamentarians.
But even though that increase is there, there is also some difficulties that women still face which are like the general one which is the gender inequality the discrepancy in power status and fame between people who describes themselves as men and women. Gender inequality still exists in Kenya.
Kenyan rich women are taking over the man in the role of bread winning .This seems to be good to everyone because the numbers or statistics in the news are making gender inequality to be seen as a thing of the former years. Most women today make more money than what their husbands make. Going back to school, college degrees and doctorates are earned by women.?
There is an upgrade in education and employment progress in statistics for women. Nevertheless of this changes and progression, it could be wrong to jump into conclusions and say that Kenya is free from gender inequality.

This is not true in the companies where all people are able to work, the news in the magazines demonstrate that the supporters for women’s right and the academics does not approve the declaration of women worker’s achievements. The status of a woman in the labor force is eroded. There is a big gap between the women and men. A woman working full time will be paid the same as a man working part time. Additionally, women who are in the managerial position hardly get a pay rise as compared to their male equivalents.

In the work force, gender discrepancy is indicated in terms of status and power, being that women represent 50% in the work force they are not formally presented in the top management position regardless of the professional competency. The companies assume to be taking the great difference into consideration but in the reality they don’t do it.

However, the human rights director and the policy makers should apply laws to supervise the workforce and the educational sectors targeting at doing away with gender inconsistency. 
To sum up, Kenyan’s women go through a lot of things which hold them back in achieving a successful life where for example people believe that women can’t do anything that they should only stay home and cook for me which leads to early marriages and they start concentrating on their family before developing their own career.
They also face what I can call denial of freedom or right to express themselves where it has come to realization that very few ladies can do what they want and feel in the country. The male child is allowed to do a lot of things in life and grow without being interrupted by any affiliations. However, the opposite is true when it comes to ladies. They cannot be allowed to express themselves freely killing the future in them by facing continuous prejudice by society. So, women should be given the same opportunities and rights as men to contribute in the development of their country since it was seen that they can achieve a lot of things if they were given resources and opportunities.


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