Today, we are currently living in the world that is full of technologies wherein we can explore more things through internet. Our world is highly dependent in technology. Without technology, our life will be difficult and incomplete because we are now in a modern world the newer machines; the better the service to be more productive and greater profit will be realized. With this, selected printing services should be progressive in terms of their work and modern machines are highly recommended. Costing system is directed towards monitoring the pro costs of a business. It is a system that encompasses various interrelated processes, forms, controls and reports that are formulated and designed to provide reports and financial information regarding revenues, costs and profitability. Costing system typically requires reports about salient aspects of the company including customers, processes, facilities, departments, products and services, sales and research and development. Business managers utilize the integral information derived from costing system for multiple objectives or purposes. These include planning for higher profits, decisions on cost cutting, aligning actual cost and formulation and implementation of strategic and tactical plans for future business operations. (Irvings, 2013)


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