Today, shoplifting is one of the biggest crimes. Stealing is a way of taking advantage of people’s hard work. Stores spent a large amount of money to buy equipment to reduce the amount of people who shoplift on a daily basis. Other than stores spending money on equipment, people manage to get out of the store while others pay for the items they have. People think that stealing is just a thrill or a joke, but they do not know how their choices will affect them and others in the future.
Shoplifting has a bigger picture to it. It doesn’t just affect an individual, but can hurt the business itself. Stores will not be able to function properly like they should be. An example would be if every person who are shopping in a store take an item that is a dollar without paying, the store will be losing more than just that one dollar. The store would lose business. If people don’t follow the rules that are given, everything would be corrupt and many stores would not be here.
When a person shoplifts, it has a chain reaction on people it will affect. Friends and family of the person would cause them to think of them less, looking down on them. This would make the person feel embarrassed because these people would look up to them. Next would be society, since they want you to follow the law. Next would be the store, who cannot get the money back for the item since no one paid for it. This affects consumers since the prices will be raised in order to make back the money of the item that had been stolen. They will then want to shop somewhere else because of the high prices and wanting to save money. Then the store would be losing business. Stores will have to spend more money on security which is expensive and also another reason to raise prices on items.


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