To whom it may concern

To whom it may concern

To whom it may concern, It gives me great pleasure to recommend Suraj Sahadatu to you to undertake a Masters Degree at Kukje Theological University and Seminary this year. Asa professor in the Banking and FinanceDepartment at African University College of Communications (AUCC), I have known her since her First year, thus January, 2015. Mrs. Suraj Sahadatuis truly an outstanding student who has accumulated a number of both academic laurels and extra-curricular activities. She is meticulous, and always seeks out coursework that challenges her, and has a remarkable capability for fulfilling her responsibilities in a great variety of activities. She is organized in her goal-setting, yet has learned to keep her options open for the future. Her accomplishments will no doubt make her a highly recruited individual for the top graduate schools in the country. Intellectually, she is one of the very best students I have ever worked with. She has the ability to carry out research independently, she is extremely disciplined in her work, her analytical skills are highly developed, and she is always thorough in what she does. In summary, I highly recommend her for both admissions and visa application. I believe her proposed course of study is suitable and will help builds on her numerous strengths. Her animating guts and disciplined approach to learning make her particularly well suitable to take advantage of this opportunity. Issac Boadi, PhD 020 8098029 Suraj SahadatuAUBS01150093 Thanks. Y, 4IsNXp
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