By: they have never seen him before. After

By: they have never seen him before. After

By: Adam When Scout is six years old she meets Dill who is visiting his aunt there in Maycomb for the summer. Scout and her brother Jem play with Dill and try to figure out ways to catch a glimpse of their weird neighbor Boo Radley. Boo is mysterious to them because he always stays in the house and they have never seen him before.

After the summer is over, school is about to start and Dill goes back home to Mississippi. This is Scouts first year of school and on her first day she gets into trouble with the teacher because she already knows how to read and write, and gets into a fight with Walter Cunningham. While walking home from school one day Scout finds a stick of gum in a hole in a tree by the Radley’s yard. Later on Scout and Jem find more gifts in the tree, but then suddenly Mr. Radley fills the hole with cement and the gifts stop. After school is over Dill comes back to Maycomb. Scout, Jem, and Dill continue to try to get Boo to come out of the house, but with no luck.

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Then they decide that on Dill’s last night in Maycomb they would crawl under the fence in the back yard of the Radley place and take a peek into one of the windows. This plan backfires when Mr. Radley comes out with a shot gun and fires into the air. While running away from Mr. Radley Jem gets his pants caught while trying to get back under the fence and has to slip out of them to get away.

Later that night he goes back for his pants and find them folded over the fence and roughly mended. That following winter Maycomb had its first snow since 1885. At first Scout thought that the earth was ending, she had never seen snow before.

Scout and Jem made a snow man that looked exactly like Mr. Avery. During that cold spell Mrs. Radley dies, and Miss Maudies house burns down.

While Scout and Jem are standing in the street keeping their distance from the burning house, someone wraps a towel around Scout. She doesn’t even notice the towel until Atticus asks where she got it. They suspect the Boo Radley gave it to her. A little after that Scout and Jem find out that their father is defending Tom Robinson, a Negro who was accused of rapping Mayella Ewell. People start to say to Scout that Atticus is a “nigger-lover”. One time when Scout and Jem were passing Mrs. Dubose’s house she called Atticus a “nigger-lover” and Jem cut off all of her flowers.

When Atticus finds out about it he tells Jem to go back to Mrs. Dubose and apologize. When he does Mrs. Dubose tells him, for punishment, to come every afternoon after school and read to her. Shortly after Mrs. Dubose dies and Jem finds out that she was so mean because she was breaking a pain-killer addiction.

Then Aunt Alexandria moves in with the Finch’s to try and help Scout become more of lady. Scout and her Aunt argue allot and really don’t approve of each other. One night Atticus leaves the house and doesn’t say where he is going.

Scout, Jem, and Dill follow him and find out that he is sitting in a chair in front of the jail trying to keep a mob from getting in and getting Tom. Scout seeing this is scared and runs out to her dad. Then Scout notices that one of the mob members is Mr. Cunningham and starts talking to him about his son. This softens up the mob and the eventually breakdown and go home. At Tom Robinson’s trial Atticus proves that Tom did not rape Mayella, but the all-white jury finds him guilty anyway. Later Tom is shot down while trying to escape from jail.

After the trial is over Atticus runs into Bob Ewell who spits in his face and promises to get Atticus back for proving him a liar if it’s the last thing he does. Later while walking home at night from a Halloween pageant, Scout and Jem are suddenly attacked by some one, in the dark of night Scout cannot see what is going on or who it is. During the struggle Jem’s arm is broken and Boo Radley appears and saves them. Later that night they find out that the attacker was Bob Ewell and that he was now dead (stabbed below the ribs). Scout walks Boo home and finally realizes that he is really a nice person.

Word Count: 770

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