To be addicted on something or someone is not the best way of life

To be addicted on something or someone is not the best way of life

To be addicted on something or someone is not the best way of life. For addiction is a rather serious restriction, because of which people can not taste all the delights of life and can not fully realize themselves in it. Having become addicted, a person enters his consciousness in prison, he ceases to see much about himself and is limited only to what has fallen into addiction. And to limit thus the life is all the same what to reduce its duration. Moreover, some kinds of addiction alcohol, tobacco, drugs really shorten a person’s life and often make her unhappy. In this regard, most people rightly believe that many, and ideally all dependencies, need to get rid of to become freer. Only not always people know how to do it right.
What is addiction? Addiction is first of all the limitation of a person, and at the same time, his weakness. The dependent person sees the world primarily under one particular angle of view, usually under the one under which it is convenient for him to see and under which he is accustomed to see it. As a result, his values are severely limited. You can say that he is satisfied with the small, without claiming more. Let’s say a person has alcohol addiction – how does he see the world in this case? He sees that in this world there is a certain set of pleasures that brighten a person’s life. If a person is not very dependent on alcohol, then in his value system, in addition to alcohol itself, there can be things like gambling, women, cigarettes and some others, for which he essentially lives. And that’s all. From this he enjoys, by this he lives. All the other things he just does not notice. He locked himself up in his small world, his mind is in prison, although his body can be completely free. The highest values in his inner world do not exist, he simply does not understand them. He does not understand the value of cognition, the value of self-realization, the value of success in any significant deeds, does not realize the value of the family and the like. Such a person is a slave of his worldview. And there are people for whom the whole joy of life is only in alcohol or drugs, everything else does not interest them at all. These people are sick, they have lost the ability to have pleasure from life, and not from anything that is in it. Their worldview narrowed to the limit, and they are too weak to expand it on their own. And the expansion of the consciousness of dependent people is one way of getting rid of addiction. It’s a way to make them free people.


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