Tittle: -rise legs
Objective: -prosthetics legs for disable
Source: – https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/1200-bengaluru-resident-associations-meet-govt-officials-discuss-civic-issues-89136 , https://www.patientsengage.com/news-and-views/cane-prosthetic-legs-dancing-climbing-running
Development challenge: -people with disabilities face many problems in order to cope with them they need some sort of aid.
Summary: – this project is about prosthetic leg made up of cane, a prosthetic leg can play an important role in rehabilitation. For many people, an artificial leg can improve mobility and the ability to manage daily activities, as well as provide the means to stay independent. The prosthetics leg made up of cane is four time lighter than similar products and amputees can not only walk, but also run, play and dance with the product. a special kind of cane with a unique fibre property, which makes it like a spring. This is a different class of spring called compliant spring this project is started by Arun Cherian and this project is implemented in Bengaluru.
The person suffering from disabilities face many challenges such as need of formal support services and there is always a physical burden for caregivers not only they face problems regarding the movement of their body but also Isolation and loneliness are another factors and major factors effecting them is financial condition as they need some sort of financial assistance for fulfilling their basic needs of life. Rise Legs users as fitness trainers for able bodied, as body builders, as marathon runners, as dancers and there are some barrier in project such as beginning with limited resources ,only few people indulge in it And the process of formation of prosthetics leg with cane is take a lot of time and hard work and making it waterproof is other challenging part.

Health access
Tittle: -Cardiopad
Objective: – diagnoses of heart disease in rural households
Source: – http://www.wipo.int/wipo_magazine/en/2014/05/article_0002.html , https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/cameroon-engineer-invent-cardiopad/2462021.html
Development challenge: – those at risk often have to spend huge amounts of money and travel to hundreds of miles to reach heart specialists.
Summary: – In cameeron, there are a lot of people who suffer from cardiac illness, they need some kind of software product that could help doctors monitor the health of their patients’ hearts. A program on the Cardiopad, designed for collects signals generated by the rhythmic contraction and expansion of a patient’s heart. Electrodes are fixed near the patient’s heart. its fully touch-screen medical tablet then produces a moving graphical depiction of the cardiac cycle, which is wirelessly transmitted over GSM networks to a cardiologist for interpretation and diagnosis. this project is designed and led by 24-year-old Cameroonian engineer Arthur Zang to help Cameroonian people.
In a country of around 22 million people Cameroon has a limited number of cardiologists and these are clustered in urban centers like the capital, Yaounde. rural patients suffering from heart disease do not have the means, the time, the contacts or the strength to travel to the big city to see cardiologists. perk associated with this is that hospitals purchasing the low-cost Cardiopad will be able to lower the price of medical examinations and speed-up medical diagnose. there are some barrier in implementation of technology. Arthur Zang did not have the money and Banks would not give him loans. Instead of this he does not have any knowledge electronics engineering because he was a basically a computer science engineer so by overcoming many hurdles finally Zang succeed in developing cardiopad.

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Tittle: – the Icow app
Objective: – to encourage best practice for dairy farmers and increase milk production.
Source: – http://icow.co.ke/ , https://www.forbes.com/sites/mfonobongnsehe/2011/08/02/the-best-african-mobile-apps-icow/#1f8cedafd79f
Development challenge- lack of knowledge among farmers regarding farming and livestock
Summary: – Icow is an SMS (text message) and voice-based mobile phone application for small-scale dairy farmers in Kenya. It’s something of a virtual veterinary midwife, helping farmers track the estrus stages of their cows, while giving them valuable tips on cow breeding, animal nutrition, milk production efficiency and gestation. the app help farmer by providing information on important events on cow gestation period and help farmer notice the closest vet and AI supplier that collects and stores farmer milk and breeding records and sends farmers best farm practices and this project is led by Kenyan farmer Su Kahumbu and farmers usually living in remote areas do not have access to valuable data concerning latest costs of milk or cows associate. they might not keep correct records of vital details admire their cows’ gestation periods or their livestock’s lineage – typically leading to coupling and sickness.
Farmers using iCow app in various ways to incline milk productivity, incomes, poultry, eggs, crops, soil fertility as well as reduce livestock mortality. In addition, they use their iCow messages and increasing knowledge of farmer groups and community. But best of all, all, they increase their overall farming information and notice farming less risky. Initially app is not accepted as most of the farmers do not have mobile phones and do not have knowledge how to use app as most of them are illiterate and adaption of app is only get possible after creating awareness among farmers.


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