Combating vitality issues in Tharparkar
Need For Project;
Tharparkar is a deserted area in Sindh Pakistan .Its the only fertile desert in the world. According to a recent survey population of Tharpakar is 1,649,661.Its headquarter is in Mithi. From recent decades Tharparkar is facing many problems regarding mortality rates, health and finance.
Some main problems are highlitghted here.
Increasing Mortality rates in mothers and infants is a major issue in Tharparkar. About 1,340 children had become victim of death due to many reasons like severe malnutrition, lack of health facilities&infrastructure,comparatively low rainfall in the area.
Malnutrition and avitaminosis in mother and children playing a part in increase in mortality rates and unhealthy livelihood due to lack of basic health facilities which is the right of every human being by birth.Shortage of skilled health staff and fragile socio-political situation also leads to these prroblems.
Another major issue here is agricultural failure which is due to absence of proper irrigation system and low rainfall. As a consequence deprived communities have been failed in purchasing power which brings solution to all vitality issues people suffering here because main source of income is agriculture here.
Livestock deaths in Tharparkar is increasing day by day due to lack of basic vaccination and other health facilities. Their loss is playing a huge economical and health loss in people of Thar.
• High mortality rate have to be controlled by providing basic health facilities to pregnant women and their new borns.
• Malnutrition have to be overcome by the efforts of Government and local communities.
• Agricultural stability have to be achieved by proper irrigation systems as that area is fertile , with combined efforts of government and people its fertility can be fruitfull.
• We have to combat increasing number of livestock deaths which are source of many natural gifts from ALLAH regarding human health and income.

Plane of work (Methodology)
Maternal health
There should be a rule for delaying early marriages of young girls. Early marriages are a big cause for unexceptional increase in the mortality rate among mother and child both. Young girls are deprived of nutrition and proper health care how can they give birth to a healthy one? So an act should be passed by government to delay early marrriages. Educated girls are more likely to stand for their right so education system should be improved specially for girls. A girl should be a woman first and then conceive her own child and should celebrate it not fear of it. During pregnancy mother needs extra nutrition. Supplements should be a part of their diet. They must be given antenatal, post-natal and neo-natal care.
Care should be provided for all newborns, emphasize on breastfeeding within first two hours of birth. Infectious danger should be avoided and temperature for newborns should be established properly. Did’nt try to give bath to newborn within first 24 hours. There should be an integrated system for avoiding multiple births which causes congenital abnormalities. Proper infrastructure should be developed by government for basic health facilities.
Malnutrition is very common among children of Tharparkar .Appropriate and aggressive steps are needed to overcome this problem. Accurate nutritional assessment is critical for managing malnutrition. Standard weight and height measurements may be inaccurate in malnourished children, as they can be confounded by fluid overload, ascites and body weight alone may underestimate the incidence of malnutrition in children. Linear growth is a more sensitive parameter, but stunting and growth deceleration do not occur until late in growth failure.
Proper supplementation would be a great step for fighting with malnutrition,
Deworming will also help in this war as many intestinal worm didn’t allow many nutrients to be absorbed by body and malnutrition results.
Agricultural improvement needs following techniques, forecast of rain, methods of cultivation, seed quality, financial support ,market, electricity ,export program storage facilities NGOs support, water facilities proper irrigation system awareness of education roads village organization time to time research .Low rainfall effects agriculture badly. Trees should be planted for increasing rainfall
Thousands of goats and sheep died in an outbreak of the contagious disease ‘peste des petits ruminants’ (PPR) – called ‘kata’ or ‘Mata’ locally – across Tharparkar district last year.vaccinating young animals in the area over 15 to 20 days will eradicate the disease from the area forever. Other related diseases would also be covered, According to livestock department officials, Tharparkar’s goats produce 300,000 liters of milk per day. “If the government helps the people of Thar in managing their livestock, they will be economically sound within a few years.
Expected outcome
By maintaining maternal and infant health both of them will get a bright future regarding their health and education. Overcoming malnutrition will also help in getting good health for mother and infant both.
Developments in agriculture will promote the growth of crops ,staple food(wheat) as agriculture is the occupation of almost 88% people they will get benefit from it socially. Agricultural developments will not only meet their food needs but also increase their income and it will affect their life style positively. Planting trees not only will help in increasing rainfall it will also made their environment pleasant. And overcoming livestock death people will get benefits from livestock properly like milk, meat, transport and many others.

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Possible Beneficiaries

• First of all local community will be beneficial from these solutions.
• Local government will get benefit in getting vote from people in elections.
• Thar is biggest part of Pakistan it will nourish more and more benefit to Pakistan socially. It has biggest mines of charcoal in Pakistan. When people will be able to fight vitality issues they will work more on coal and Pakistan will be benefited ultimately.
• It will have a positive effect on relationships of Pakistan with other countries.





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