Though the pyramids are themselves a mystery

Though the pyramids are themselves a mystery

Though the pyramids are themselves a mystery, there are several other mysteries that question our mind in case of pyramids. The biggest question being – Who built these gigantic structures? How? And Why? There are still some questions that are needed to be answered but will probably remain mysteries –
1. Eight Sided Pyramid – In 1940, it was constructed that all of the four sides of the Great Pyramid of Giza was split in two equal halves by a concave depression creating eight equal sides. This was found by a British pilot when he was flying atop the pyramid. It was later discovered by further research that this was visible only at dawn and dusk on the spring and autumn equinoxes when the sun cast its shadow. This proves that Egyptians had an amazing comprehension about the sun cycle. The only question here is why is it only visible from above??
2. Pyramids were not a patent to Egypt – People have a discernment that pyramids are only found in Egypt, though there are similar looking pyramids across the globe namely in Italy, Giza, China, South America, Africa, Antarctica resembling to Cambodian temples and Indonesian structures all built during the same period of history. In the modern world, our infrastructures differ from country to country. Is it possible they had a global collective consciousness of building pyramids and similar ideas without ever contacting each other? This is suicidal consciousness has been seen in the animal kingdom.
3. Astronomical and Geographical Precision – The Great Pyramid was built on the geographic centre of the earth along specific longitudinal and latitudinal lines, almost perfectly oriented to the four points of the compass, facing true north more accurately than any structure built before or since. The pyramids are perfectly aligned and point to the constellation of Orion. The stars of which are considered to be Gods in the manuscripts. As written, the gods visited the ancient Egyptians from these stars, linking it to the Alien theory.
4. Unexplored secret rooms and passage ways – Sonar and radar technology have helped discover secret rooms and passages under the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids. They are believed to contain Hieroglyphs that can change the way we look at ancient Egyptian civilisation and reveal many secrets, but it is highly protected and guarded by the Egyptian government.
5. Pyramids in space – NASA has discovered pyramid like structures on the dwarf planet Ceres (a planet between Jupiter and Mars) lately. Not just Ceres, these pyramid like structures were also found on the moon and Mars on different missions. Thus, linking Egyptians with different theories like the involvement of aliens in the construction of pyramids and considering ancient Egyptian civilisation to be inter-planetary.
6. The curse of the pharaohs – It is believed that curse casts upon any person who disturbs the mummy of an ancient Egyptian, especially a pharaoh. King Tutankhamen’s curse (1922) was a very famous episode in this context. Almost every team member of Howard Carter’s team which opened Tutankhamen’s tomb, including himself and everyone who visited the tomb shortly thereafter died mysterious deaths.
These were some of the many questions that need answers, though there are many theories for some mysteries but there is not much evidence to be believed. And indeed many mysteries are still waiting to be discovered.


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