This speech was given at an official TED conference by Jack Conte in April 2017 under the title “How artists can

This speech was given at an official TED conference by Jack Conte in April 2017 under the title “How artists can

This speech was given at an official TED conference by Jack Conte in April 2017 under the title “How artists can (finally) get paid in the digital age.” This talk targets the all kind of valuable content’s creators, and mass-media companies in the first place. Along with that, amoung of the audience, there were people from a different range of the ages and education level. Mr. Conte here was speaking about his platform and how did he come out with it.

Jack Conte had started his speech immediately with the history of him recognized youtube as a site to get paid by publishing any art by his originators in 2007. He decided to start his channel based on the fact that he can make a living out of youtube’s advertisements. Unfortunately, that did not last long as the creators began to get less paid compared to the enormous amount of views each video got. According to Jack Conte that was the motive that led him and his co-founder Sam Yam to establish a membership platform in 2013 (Patron,2018). Where it allowed the creators to get paid by their fans every month as Mr.Conte said: ” For a creator, it is like having a salary for being a creative person.”. People tend to consider whether a show is legitimate or not, yet in patron, the scope of the income does not depend on the views numbers like the other sites, Radio broadcasts or TV-shows, as Jack mentions about kinda funny ” Within a few weeks, they were making 31,000 dollars per month.” (Conte.J, 2017).
Demonization had effected on online creators especially the ones who thought they could become blindly independent and self-sufficient while having zero financial backup sources. For companies and producers, monetization such a loss after all the investments in running distribution companies where it becomes effortless for creators to share their products directly with people who admire it (Contr.J, 2017). However, In my opinion, what makes patron different than others platform that they give the creators the freedom to make additional income from advertisements and brand deals (Patron,2018). Conte not only promotes for his platform, yet he also encourages the large companies to start considering its user and monetize their content as he mentions that it is a while since Google started doing this.

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The whole show filled with a sense of humor. Jack took advantage of the stage where he did not move around, and that helps him to keep the audience’s attention except at the end where he got closer to the audience to wrap up his speech. His gesture helped to convey his message to the audience. However, in some positions, it was an unnecessary addition where its movement could distract the people’s attention. All the speech duration Jack kept a constant eye-contact with the audience. About the closure, it was ordinary mixed with emotions intelligent, and that was obvious in his voice tune and eye-shining which indicate how ubiquitous his vision is for a productive future for all creators.


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